How About Ulefone Power 3 4G Smartphone


The Ulefone Power 3 4G smartphone is a frameless smartphone with face recognition. Now that mobile phone technology is developing faster and faster, from the initial large-size button mobile phones to smart touch-screen mobile phones in just 10 years, people now prefer frameless mobile phones. If you have a frameless smartphone is a very proud thing. But on the other hand, the borderless latest mobile phone means new technology and high price. Many people want to buy but are scared by their price, but now this situation will no longer exist, Ulefone Power 3 mid-range frameless smartphone, and now Tomtopo only $ 224.99, of course, this is the activity price, The deadline is March 31, 2018. Do not miss it. If you miss it, you have to wait for a long time.

How About Ulefone Power 3 4G Smartphone

Now to find out what the appeal of this smartphone is, let it stand out in the mid-range handset market. The Ulefone Power 3 4G smartphone looks like you may be attracted by its smooth and concise appearance. It is configured with an 18-inch 6-inch screen to know the edges, and the large screen makes it look more lively and attractive. The screen is very smooth, capacitive touch screen, equipped with CORNING GORILLA GLASS 4 protection device, which is definitely a good choice for game lovers, 2160 × 1080 pixel resolution allows you to watch video or game interface The effects are amazing. And this phone is very thin, less than 1 cm thick, feel very good. In addition, the Ulefone Power 3 4G smartphone features a 21MP+5MP rear dual camera and a 13MP+5MP front camera. Deployed with PDAF technology f/2.0 aperture and with a front light source and updated beauty algorithm, whether self-portraits or shooting other attractions, items, the photos presented are very attractive, the camera also has a cosmetic effect, dual flash and scattered King effect, self-timer can be easily set to shoot a variety of beautiful photos. The four cameras allow you to bid farewell to SLR’s becoming a professional photographer, retaining the good times in your life whenever and wherever possible. Ulefone Power 3 uses the latest eight-core MTK6763 Octa Core 2.0GHz operating system. The latest Helio P23 chip processor allows the

phone to consume less power. You can switch between multi-task operations very easily, and its battery life is extremely long. 6080 mAh cannot move the battery, you can easily power the entire situation in a variety of tasks if you are not playing games or watching videos and other users need a lot of power-consuming tasks, the battery for two days without problems. Its fast charging technology can charge a full day of electricity through a USB Type C port within 30 minutes. It can be said that it is like a mobile power supply.

How About Ulefone Power 3 4G Smartphone

Of course, the Ulefone Power 3 4G smartphone also has an important feature is the face + fingerprint ID function, part of the fingerprint is installed on the backboard, the phone can be easily unlocked, the face ID is faster than the fingerprint, For your mobile phone, your face is your password, it will be faster and more secure to protect your phone’s personal data, very safe and reliable.
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