Having a Better Vision of the EuroCup 2012!

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What have you expected for the EuroCup 2012? The world has been crazy for it!

Now take all the belongings  needed and gain ecstasy from the amazing EuroCup 2012 with Tomtop!

Monocular & Binocular Telescope

Make sure that you could get the best vision through the battlefield of the EuroCup 2012.

  1. Mini shape, compact design
  2. 15-55× Magnification
  3. Zoom adjustable
  4. High transmittance
Zoomable Monocular Telescope
  1. Slim & Pocket-sized Design
  2. Powerful 8 x 21 Magnification
  3. High Definition
  4. Easily adjustment for eye width of Children and adults
Binocular Telescope


This Zoom Magnify Microscope Micro Lens is specially prepared for iPhone4 users! It is easy to install and to use for its compact design.  Simply connect it to your iPhone camera lens and the screen will show you what you’re looking at. What’s more, the bright LED light of the magnifying glass provides enough light at dim conditions.

Zoom Magnify Microscope Micro Lens

Remember that we are the Champions! Go go go, go for it!


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