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Druids New Year in November 1st, New Year’s Eve, young people set Druitt man team, wearing all kinds of weird masks, carrying a good radish carved lamp (Department pumpkins late practices, Medieval Western Europe The earliest no pumpkin), they walk in between the villages.

Mention of Halloween, what the word your mind flashes? Terror? Scary, fun? Interestingly, ghosts? Scary! Or pumpkin, joy!I’m sure that everyone will be excited when get greatest Halloween gift, but where is a good place to choose the halloween gifts? TOMTOP is best choice, which is a reliable China wholesale and retail Online Shop, offer a widely selection of halloween gifts,you can get great price and satisfied customer service there.

Some bars will hold some of the Halloween costume party, make-up party, Vendetta Mask is essential. In ancient times, if there is drought or other major catastrophe, people will take an ugly mask, because they fear the night is still out wandering evil spirits, and if you must go out at night, they will put on a mask or animal fur adorn themselves, hoping the evil spirits recognize not recognize them, or ugly mask scare.

Halloween pumpkin lights have to mention, the production has been a Halloween pumpkin lights of traditional practices. The ghost-themed festival, with its unique pumpkin bucket, horror dress and swept the world, all kinds of fun and exciting games have become the best way to pressure one of the carnival.

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