Good News For Gamers PSP Full Screen Output Adapter Arrivals


New arrives product has a machine can make your psp connect with TV and Game full screen display. Do you want to have a try?

PSP to HDMI HD Upscaler Video Converter Full Screen Adapter 480p for PSP 2000 3000 It Supports PSP game mode scale up to full screen display.HDMI upscale to 480p high definition output.Suitable for PSP2000/3000 not suit for PSP1000

The PSP to HDMI converter will convert component video and audio R/L of PSP to HDMI, and display in full screen on HDTV Supports 16:9 and 4:3 TV format.It Provides advanced signal processing with great precision, colors, resolutions.Video and audio in full digital HDMI format, no transmission loss . You can play PSP at home on big-screen and high-definition TV to gain wonderful visual enjoyment.

PSP to HDMI HD Upscaler Video Converter Full Screen Adapter 720p for PSP 2000 3000 Supports PSP game mode scale up to full screen display HDMI upscale to 720p high definition output.

Plug and Play – easy setup and installation.With 3M (10 Feet) component video cable Line length to a 3 m enough to suit a family to use requirements

This product uses professional shielding wire which effectively prevent mutual interference among signal lines .The line nearly match the original line.The Line also adopted a novel idea practice that is the Power supply to this product and also to the PSP host.So it ensure the PSP host have long electricity. It solves the history problem of PSP batteries no power can’t play games .Afterwards Players can long time playing games, enjoy, never worry about lack of power. Blow is the connect picture of full screen output adapter

Suitable watch tv

Behind the Watching TV has the two interface PB PR, if the CB CR can’t use.

Must use the original PSP adapter, to guarantee the PSP amplifier can use in stable voltage, this can avoid some provision

PSP video amplifier output of the PSP video effect between PS2 and XBOX360, and between the effect is acceptable.

Matters Need Attention

The product surface will not put any object, Don’t put it on there is water, wet or high temperature.In cause bad or damage to the product’s performance please put it as far as possible to the source of signal interference.

When the product has trouble please find specialist to maintenance; Non-professional workers do not open this product so as not to cause more serious fault

Please shut off the power when stop to use


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