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Gome U7 redefines the new benchmark of thousand yuan


In today’s mobile phone market, consumption upgrades have become the trend of the times, and the major brands are fiercely competitive, and they have begun to explore the road to breaking. Double-shot, full-screen, face recognition, and system optimization have thus become the direction of various mobile phone manufacturers. As the newest brand to join the smartphone market, Gome mobile phones have long anticipated the development trend of the mobile phone industry. Since last year, Gome mobile phones have launched a number of products focusing on iris recognition and face recognition, and last year At the end of the year, the three-dimensional biometric full-screen mobile phone G49 equipped with GOME OS 2.0 smart operating system was launched. This is the only triple biometric mobile phone in the industry. Let’s take a look at the performance of this Gome U7 today.

Appearance, Gome U7 uses a double-sided glass body to hold the metal middle frame, while cutting the high-light embellishment with the secondary oxidation of the diamond, greatly improving the texture of the fuselage, holding in the hands like a crystal clear crystal, but also It enhances the tactile feedback and friction of the hand, making the grip of the body even better.

On the screen, Gome U7 uses a 5.99-inch 18:9 ultra-clear full-screen with a resolution of 2160×1080, which is excellent. We all know that the comprehensive screen has set off a wave of fashion design since the second half of last year. All major brands have launched their own comprehensive screen products, and the Gome as a rising star is not far behind, and has adopted In on the comprehensive screen. -cell process, the sensitivity and smoothness of its operation can be clearly felt during use.

In terms of performance, Gome U7 is equipped with MediaTek P25 high-performance low-power eight-core processor, and 4GB/6GB DDR4 high-speed low-power large-capacity storage, which can easily meet the needs of daily use. The author runs the glory of the king of the moment, the game is smooth and no card, open the high frame rate mode, the frame rate of Gome U7 is close to 60FPS, reaching the current mainstream level, I believe that even if you play the chicken hand tour Easy and stress free.

Gome U7 has a dual 13-megapixel HD iris dual-camera, combining photo and iris recognition, and added AI beauty and portrait mode. In the actual shooting, its 7-level beauty adjustment function is very obvious, beautify the skin luster and also face-lift.

The rear 13 million high-definition camera, and the Sony IMX 258 sensor, with background blur, night scene enhancement, time-lapse photography and other modes to meet the needs of users with multiple scenarios. Under the outdoor light, the Gome U7 photo performance is natural, the color is bright, and the image quality is clearer. While taking pictures at night, the performance is also very good, the brightness is saturated, the details are clearly visible, and the noise control is quite satisfactory.

The biggest highlight of Gome U7 is its triple biometric recognition, namely iris recognition, face recognition, and fingerprint recognition. On the basis of retaining the user’s usage habits, Gome U7 provides a higher level of security protection, which can be said to be sincere.

Based on face recognition technology and iris recognition technology, Gome U7 has developed applications such as application lock, lock view, communication stealth, iris vision, keychain and many other user-friendly functions, effectively protecting user privacy.

Among them, the keychain is a function that the author uses more often. Due to work, I use a variety of apps every day. I need to remember a lot of account passwords. In addition to being easy to forget, it is easy to be annoyed every time I log in to these accounts. U7’s My-Key 2.0 keychain solves this problem well. When you need to use all kinds of APP passwords, just let the mobile phone pass the iris recognition to verify that the user is your own, you can automatically fill in the password, which is very convenient and fast, greatly improving the work and living efficiency.

Another place that makes the author more satisfied is the one-handed UI interaction design of Gome U7. With the popularity of the full screen and the emergence of new technologies, the size of the mobile phone can be said to be getting bigger and bigger, which makes many small people look forward to There is a mobile phone that can hold very well with one hand, and the author happens to be one of them. GOME OS 2.0 is deeply optimized for one-handed use. Take the bottom toolbar and the control center. With one hand, just swipe from the bottom of the screen to call up the toolbar. Make one-handed use even more accessible.

It is worth mentioning that the 13-megapixel Sony IMX258 camera has a unit pixel of 1.12μm, supports up to 4224*3136 resolution, and supports PDAF phase focusing simultaneously. At the same time, the camera is equipped with HDR, night scene enhancement, background blur, AI beauty and other modes, which can easily meet various needs. Overall, the color, the analytical power, the layering and the texture are very good, and the ambiguity is relatively excellent. Even in dim conditions, noise control is perfect.

In this thousand-yuan product, fashion design, excellent photo taking, and innovative triple bio-recognition all show excellent product competitiveness, which makes it a leader in the thousand-yuan market. Gome will be inspired by the inspiration of Tianfangdiyuan to apply to the mobile phone technology. It is also the embodiment of its inner temperament. It is believed that this breakthrough innovative design of Gome U7 will continue to exert its strength in the thousand yuan machine market and become more consumers. Favored object.

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