Glare Zoomable Flashlight


Glare flashlight, is also known as Cree LED Flashlight. It is a new lighting tool with light-emitting diodes as the light source, it has a power-saving, durable, brightness and other advantages. It is a hand-held electronic lighting tool. A typical flashlight has a battery-powered light bulbs, a focusing reflex mirror, and a handle type outer covering for hand-held using.

This cree LED Flashlight is a high saving energy flashlight. Saving energy means that it is environmentally friendly. DC drive, ultra-low power consumption (single tube 0.03-0.06 W) electro-optical power conversion close to 100%, the same lighting effects of this flashlight is more than 80% than traditional energy sources.

Some people also call this Glare cree LED torch as the long life lamps, which means the light never goes out. Solid cold light source, epoxy resin and has no loose parts of the light body. There is no filament light Yi burning, heat deposition, the light fades and other shortcomings, the service life of this flashlight is longer than the traditional’s.

The source of Cree LED flashlight can make use of red, green, blue trichromatic theory, under the control of the computer technology to three colors with 256 levels of gray, and any mix, you can generate 256 × 256 × 256 = 16777216 colors, form different combinations of light and color Changing, dynamic changes can make you to achieve a variety of effects and a variety of images.

Compares with the monotonous glow of traditional light sources, LED lighting is low voltage microelectronic products, it can successfully integrat of computer technology, network communication technology, image processing, embedded control technology. So Cree LED torch is also a digital information product, it is the semiconductor optoelectronic devices “high point ” technology, has the online programming, unlimited upgrades, flexible features.

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