GD89 MAX GPS 6K Camera Drone Review

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GD89 MAX GPS 6K Camera Drone is strictly in accordance with national quality inspection standards and has obtained international safety certification. It is a product that Global Drone company is committed to research and development, design, and promotion. It is made with high-quality raw materials.

The GD89 MAX GPS 6K Camera Drone has a gray body and is foldable. It is a GPS drone/quadcopter that supports a return home and low-power automatic return.

GD 89 GPS return home, high-definition aerial photography, with satellite positioning, real-time aerial photography, one-key return home, large battery capacity and long battery life.

Long battery life, GD89 MAX GPS 6K Camera Drone has a lithium battery, 1500mAh battery capacity, and 3.7V lithium battery voltage, which is easy to disassemble, and there is an indicator light to show the battery usage. The battery life is about 18-20 minutes. If you need a longer battery life, you can buy a version with 2-3 batteries.

The electric adjustment camera can freely adjust the shooting angle of 90 degrees, adjust it anytime and anywhere, and easily shoot high-definition quality video.

6K ultra-clear shooting aerial photography, equipped with a high-definition smart ESC camera, and a corresponding app real-time image transmission, through the mobile phone APP, the GD89 MAX GPS 6K Camera Drone aerial pictures can be fully controlled and watched. It can realize intelligent automatic follow-up shooting.

Gesture photo and video, GD89 MAX GPS 6K Camera Drone takes photos or video by recognizing gestures during the flight. The recognition time takes 3 seconds.

GPS positioning, intelligent return to home, GD89 MAX GPS 6K Camera Drone has a one-key return to home function, automatically records the starting point position before take off, when it is necessary to return home automatically, it will automatically return to home mode and will automatically return to home when the battery is low.

GPS fixed-point hovering, anti-shake shooting, using GPS positioning and hovering, can effectively keep the aircraft stable during the flight, make aerial photography an anti-shake effect, and prevent aerial photography from blurring.

Fixed-point flight, route planning flight, plan the route on the app map in advance, and experience flying without remote control.

360-degree fixed-point surround, the drone uses a satellite positioning system to surround the operator at a fixed point.

Forward vision obstacle avoidance function, when encountering a wall or obstacle, it automatically backs and avoids to avoid the plane colliding with the wall or obstacle.

Powerful iron core motor, strong wind resistance, the faster the speed, the stronger the wind resistance.

Buying it will also give you a storage box, tying accessories, and a protective frame and the charging head is a universal plug for Android phones.

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