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About the development of toys natural toys through the original, primary handmade toys, motorized toys and modern high-tech toys, and other contemporary stage of development. Function from the toys point of view, can be summarized in three categories: ornamental toys (such as small picture card, figurines, dolls, etc.), skill toys (such as gyroscopes, kites, cars, etc.), educational sex toys (such as jigsaw puzzles Nine rings, Huarong, Lubanga locks, etc.). It was also by “five virtues” function into the general moral toys toys (such as the piggy bank, 56 ethnic dolls, etc.), educational puzzle toys, sports toys (such as small ball, shuttlecock, etc.), aesthetic toys (such as Wuxi clay figurine Fu , embroidered sachet, etc.), labor education, toys (such as flowers shovel, small hammer, etc.). Among them, intellectual toys, educational toys and above that is the same class.

Broad sense of educational toys, in essence, a scientific toy. The so-called science toys, is the application of scientific principles to constitute such a toy, or some kind of play this toy can be embodied scientific justification. For example, gyroscopes and contains a kite on the mechanics, kaleidoscope and periscope are based on optical principle, a revolving door and steam boats and thermal principles are related to the chemistry of fireworks and related puzzle, Kau chain may reflect the mathematical principles.

Tangram, nine rings, Huarong, Luban 4 toys and even wooden lock it was praised as intelligent toys, “the four King Kong.” The ancient Chinese culture and wisdom reflected light of the toy industry has become the world’s intellectual game “pet” educational toys in the world has a high status. The reason lies not only in their long history, both in its rich intellectual content, and most of the early spread abroad, become the plaything of the West relish and fascination, and some even resulted in many new puzzles Western derivative and invention.
Jigsaw puzzle educational toys can be said that the ancestor of the Chinese. It is a jigsaw puzzle. It can be traced back 4000 years ago, the invention of the “rules” and “Moment.” Jiaqing written in the Qing Dynasty period (1813) of the “game of death map collusion” is still found in the earliest writings about puzzle. Another Chinese ancient four clever simpler puzzle, “blending board” spread to Japan, renamed as “Dr. board” that claim to spell one of the most complex graphics, the IQ of up to PhD level, so this toy Japanese schools have become an essential teaching aids IQ level of students tested. In the Qing Dynasty, scholars of child Yeh will be extended to fifteen clever puzzle board, simply named “puzzle map”, which means this map useful to improve intelligence.

Nine is a solution chain ring toys. Such toys in China at least 2,000 years of history. As early as the Warring States Period “war policy” in there accounts. In this account of the strategy was to seek to persuade people in concentration, referred to Qin Shi Huang had sent envoys into the Qi, the angel of jade with a chain (ie, solution ring toys). He took to align the king and said: “Let more knowledge, and the solution has the ring?” Means that more knowledge Qi widely known, can put them out of the ring solution? It appears that at the time with this toy as a tool to measure the knowledge and wisdom. Solution of the ring toy called a “clever ring”, rings from one to dozens more complex, the most famous of which nine chain. This is because in ancient China that the number nine is extremely positive, so generally used “nine” to words and more. Now that September has been to the extreme, it is very difficult. So with nine rings of a chain to represent the solution difficult.

Huarong is a moving figure toy, most people always think that since this toy with “Three Kingdoms” named in the story, then it must be the invention of the Three Kingdoms era. In fact, the invention of these toys far this ancient Three Kingdoms period, its invention dates back to ancient times, Luo Shu (the magic square), was brought to the palace, evolved into the “rearrangement Jiugong” game. This is the “Huarong” in shape. This game is during the Yuan Dynasty to the West, Westerners on this basis to transform, become the intellectual sensation in the West toys “mobile-fifth.” Meanwhile, in China to be transformed into a more interesting “move ten” toys. Because of this process and toys to play with three stories, “Cao Cao defeated Huarong” consistency, so there will be a very appropriate name of this “Huarong.” “Huarong” toys because the layout of numerous twists and turns moves by the Japanese “Mathematical Science” magazine as the “intellectual game industry is one of three incredible” (the other two were French invented the “independent diamond chess” and the Hungarian invention of the “Cube”). It’s play involving math in the graph theory and operations research and other disciplines. Now, it put a hook with the computer, a computer study, of which “Hengdao immediately,” the 81-step layout of the optimal solution is verified by computer.

“Lu Ban Lock” is a stereo plug puzzle toys, is the ancient Chinese tenon joint structure housing transformed from. Because carpenter Lu Ban is the ancestor, so the name “Lu Ban lock.” Unlock the plug lock such as intelligent mind should be, it is also one called “Ming lock”, it would be resourceful strategist Zhuge Liang and ancient link. This toy was first seen in the text is a magic book in China in the Qing Dynasty, “Goose Magic Series”, was called “Six children with Fang.” The United States in 1857 published “Magic Manual” to the introduction of China’s “six children with Fang,” shows that at least this toy spread abroad, nearly 150 years of history. Luban lock is actually a toy involved in solid geometry. By geometric partitioning, can form a variety of locking. Recently, the United States, Britain and other countries that mathematicians use computers, consisting of six styles of wood up to 119,963 kinds. Can see, the secret of the infinite also.

Only above some classical Chinese educational toys intellectual development and dissemination of knowledge from the perspective of the analysis. In fact, there are many classical Chinese educational toys, such as Sixi baby, maze, magic square, fair cup, back in pot, fish, wash basins, water ducks and so on. They not only mathematics, but also in physics and chemistry and other subjects. They not only contributed to a rich Chinese culture, but also world culture play a role as a bridge of communication.

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