Four Great Decoration Elements Beautify Your yard/Garden

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Do you want to make your garden more attractive? Recommend four solar-powered items for you. They are motion-sensing light, pebble stone, vivid lotus, and vivid butterflies.

The Solar Light Waterproof Flickering Flame Torch Light 96 LED Outdoor Lighting, high brightness. Auto identifies day or night, easy to install and maintain. The 0.55 Watt solar panel,17% efficiency, can use more than 5 years.

Working place

Solar lamps can be placed in your lovely places, the lawn, courtyard, orchards, aisle, porch, patio, driveway, etc, choose the long, strong light outdoor environment as possible

The Working Principles

The solar panels convert light into electrical energy and store the energy in the side of rechargeable batteries. when dark outside, solar panels will stop recharge the battery then the light is automatically lighting that’s Automatic charge during the day, and at night to be automatic glow.

Very convenience

No wiring or other connect power needed, has 2 * Expansion pillar-hinge 2 * Screw 1 * Pin 1 * User manual for you. The solar panels fixed place is able to get direct sunshine then put switch open

Matters needing attention

First used, Use up the inside electric light energy than put the lamp in the sun direct sunlight to accept more than six hours, can extend the battery life, and like the principle of cell phone battery

if the local environment is bad, the dust, please keep the solar energy of the photographic clean, make it play maximum efficiency.

Luminous Pebble Stone Lightweight Blue Green Decoration, Pebble style, One side of each stone is flat, perfect, and easy for decoration.

The Material is glasses which are high strength and environmental-friendly material no radiation, non-toxic, water, acid and alkali resistant, antioxidant. It could be used over and over again. High brightness, long life expectancy.

Colors in the dark: blue and green; Colors under light: white and yellow?

The light could glow in the dark for more than 10-12 hours after absorbing the sunlight for 10 ~ 20min.

These stunning luminous pebble stones are great decoration elements for houses, public places, and gardens. Your fish tank could be luminous at the night. The pebbled road in your yard will be arresting. Your guest will never get lost in the dark. You could even stick them on the wall to enjoy the starry sky at home!

Applications: fish tank, pebble road, wall, vase, flower pot, swimming pool, and where ever you could think about.

lighting your garden pond

Vivid lotus solar light automatically changes colors is perfect for decorating and lighting your garden pond, it can also work as a special wishing lamp.

Floating on the water and rotating with the winds just like a real lotus, makes your pond and garden look elegant and vibrant all the time.

Solar-powered – automatically recharges under sunlight during daytime. The Special Fiber Optic technology ensures smart light control function: the LED light only turns on in a dark environment (at night).

A stainless steel ball is designed to prevent the lotus lamp from moving or tilting.

Energy-saving & reducing carbon emission, it is environmentally friendly.


1. The switch is located under the solar panel, to switch on the lamp, please twist and open the solar panel cover at first, and then put the switch to “ON”.

2. Please do not let anything cover the solar panel in the daytime, or the battery will not be able to get charged.

Butterfly Solar Light With Solar Panel IP65 Water Resistance for Garden Patio Yard Courtyard Path. Solar-powered automatically recharges under sunlight during daytime.

This solar-powered butterfly is powered by the high efficient polysilicon solar panel which is energy-efficient and environmental protective. The butterflies flutter and fly in your garden like real ones.

Special Fiber Optic technology ensures smart light control function: the LED light only turns on in a dark environment (at night).

Plant the stake in the ground where it will get full sun to let the battery get charged, and the LED light will turn on automatically at night.

Warnings:Avoid watering the controller chip,Do not crush or tossing the light.

Do you like them?

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