Buy A Floor Stand For Your Xbox 360 Kinect Online


Both young guys and old ones are all like playing with video games nowadays, especially the new release Xbox 360 Kinect. Since Kinect was launched in North America on November 4, 2010, it has been caught up the heart of every game player. And there are more and more people fall in love with Kinect since then. Forget the Nintendo Wii, Kinect is sure to be the biggest family-fun hit of the holiday season. However, after your purchasing on Xbox 360 Kinect, you will find that you need a stand to help you place your Kinect. The floor stand for Kinect is just what you are looking for. There are many types of Kinect stand, this floor stand is the most convenient to use. For most online stores, this item has been the hottest item for a long time.

Kinect standFrom the package we can see the floor stand for Kinect just looks like a netsuke stand and the black color seems to be very solid. The unique design is acceptable for all Xbox lovers and users. Supports the Kinect Camera on hard or carpeted floors. Assemble the 6 parts together within one minute, without any tripods, screws and other tools for mounting. About 0.63m above the floor: ideal height for play. Keeps your Kinect Sensor safe. Lightweight and space-saving.

floor stand for Kinect

Anyway, there are 7 plastic pieces.

1) Top base: which uses a quick connect of 2 pinchers to hold the kinect base

2) Male/female reducer: male side is about the size of a camera tripod (although I dont have one so I couldn’t verify that), female side is the size of a 15/16″ gas threaded connector

3) Male/male 12″ pipe: same 15/16″ gas thread connections

4) Female/female coupler: same 15/16″ gas thread connections

5) Male/male 12″ pipe: one side with 15/16″ gas thread connection, bottom side uses a proprietory connecmation to the base

6) Quick connect wire clip: clips to the bottom pipe, which is slightly larger than the upper pipe

7) Tripod base with female insert for bottom pipe: this comes with either 3 rubber pads for the bottom or 3 velcro pads for use on carpet

This floor stand for Kinect is so much better than sitting your Kinect on the TV or trying to make sure you are in clear range, with this tand you are in control and you get to place your Kinect in any area you desire. It is sturdy and easy to assemble. The cord is also a decent length. Guys, come on, to purchase a stand for your Kinect from China wholesale online store TOMTOP now, more information visit the link:

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