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A portable electric powered light source used for various purposes is called a flashlight. The light source used in this portable lamp torch is usually a small light bulb or LED (light emitting diode).There are various types of flashlights. Gone are the days when a torch was used as a light source in the dark now you can choose a flashlight most appropriate for your work from a wide variety that is available. Hand-held, helmet-mounted, tube, pocket, miners and sports torch lamp are a few types of flashlight available in market.

Various varieties of flashlights have been introduced since its invention. 5W 300 Lumens Lm CREE LED SA7 Flashlight Lamp Torch is a very fascinating and amazing type of flashlight. It has various superb qualities all its qualities make this flashlight a must have. It is quite different from traditional flashlight. Conventional flashlights are cheap and common but their life is very short as the bulb burns out very fast. On the other hand SA7 flashlight lamp is modern, simple, easy to use and the bulb has long life.

LED Flashlight is used for a number of purposes. It is used in almost every part of the world and in all fields of life. It has become an essential part of life. It is used in homes as well as at offices. It is very useful in emergency and carrying it around can save from various problems sometimes. It is specially used by people who are interested in adventures like, camping and hiking. Apart from this various professions have flash lights whether traditional or modern as a vital part of work such as mining. Keeping these lights in vehicles can help in event of any emergency or accident. Thus flashlight torch is absolutely loved by everyone.

SA7 Flashlight is one the best CREE LED flashlights. It is liked a lot by people who are involved in camping, hiking and other field challenges. It has following properties.

This flash light is made up of strong aluminum alloy which makes it very difficult to break.
Power consumption
It has low power consumption thus batteries last for longer time.
It has ultra long life due to low power consumption.
The model of LED used in this flash light is 5W CREE LED, this model of LED is very useful and it gives more light.
Light colour
The colour of light used in this flash light is white illuminant thus it covers larger area while providing light.
Other properties
SA7 flashlight torch lamp is anti-corrosion and it gives flawless beam of light. It has spotlight and sealing effects too. The best part is its 3 switch mode with the help of which you can control the brightness of light.

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