Multifunctional 2.4G Mini Wireless Keyboard Mouse

Find a companion for the tablet! Compact and light bluetooth keyboard recommended

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With the tablet wave that ipad set up, tablets of various sizes and various systems come one after another, and in addition to ipad and ipad mini, Android tablet and win8 tablet have become the choice of many friends. It is very convenient to have a tablet to go out, but sometimes you want to record some texts. Entering some information on the touch screen is still a headache. It is also a choice for many tablet owners to have a keyboard with a tablet. The tablet is designed for portable operation. It is of course a big consideration to give the tablet a small and portable keyboard. The following small series introduces several Bluetooth keyboards that fit the tablet.

The colorful small i mini Wireless Keyboard uses aerospace-grade aluminum to create a fuselage, the colorful small i mini Bluetooth keyboard area and the iPad mini are consistent, and its thickness of 6.35mm and the thickness of the iPad mini 7.2mm are close, the thickness of the two is also More convenient to carry. From the key position, the color of the small i mini Bluetooth keyboard is also compared with the usual Mac keyboard, and from the standby time, the colorful small i mini Bluetooth keyboard with built-in lithium battery can be up to 2000 hours. .

Colorful on the small i mini Bluetooth keyboard is equipped with a simple and clear shortcut operating system. The user can realize the multimedia control operation through the Fn key and the corresponding button, and the combination of the Fn key and the light button can make four levels of adjustment and seven-color backlight selection for the keyboard backlight, and adapt to the keyboard in different situations. The need for backlighting, even in the darker environment, users can easily operate the ipad mini.

In actual use, the colorful small i mini Bluetooth keyboard can quickly search the keyboard after pressing the pairing button on the keyboard, and easily pair with the Keyboards & Mouse, the ease of use is excellent. Not only can the common selection, copying and pasting functions be accomplished through the hot keys on the keyboard, but we can also use the hotkey to operate the iPad’s multimedia system and perform functions such as returning to the home page and lock screen through the keyboard. The long standby and hotkey system of the colorful small i mini Bluetooth keyboard provides considerable convenience for the ipad mini travel.

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