Factors You Should Know When Choosing A Gaming Mouse


Choosing a mouse is a personal affair. But buying a best gaming mouse isn’t easy these days! There are lots of mice to choose from, made by various manufacturers and sporting loads of different features. So which points should you hold when choosing a gaming mouse?

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Size and Ergonomics. Undoubtedly the most important factor in choosing a mouse is how it feels. While you can prevent a lot of strain by merely rearranging your workspace, having a good mouse that works with you can still make a huge difference. For the most part, this involves two things: size and grip. Size is mostly personal preference (plus how portable you want your mouse to be), but certain mice are better for certain types of grips. There are 3 basic types of grips people use:

Palm grip: This is how most people hold their mouse. Your entire hand lies flat on the mouse.

Claw grip: This one is like the palm grip, but characterized by arched fingers in the shape of a claw.

Fingertip grip: The entire mouse is held with just your fingertips, the palm won’t touch the mouse.

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Laser vs Optical. The heart of a mouse is its sensor, of which there are three basic types – laser, optical and infrared. The laser sensor is probably the most common, and a big advantage is that it is capable of working on almost any surface. However, laser mice tend to have a higher lift-off distance than optical mice, which causes problems when the mouse reaches the edge of your mouse mat.

Wired Or Wireless. This is often a heated point of discussion. Wireless mice are great for reducing the tangle of wires on your desk, but their reliance on radio waves to transmit the signal to the receiver does add an element of delay to the cursor response. You get the freedom of a wireless mouse but the convenience of recharging via cable and no batteries to mess about with.

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Left Handed Or Right Handed. If you’re a left-handed gamer then your choices are unfortunately limited. The vast majority of ergonomically designed gaming mice are for right-handed gamers only, but there are plenty of choices if you’re happy to use a mouse with an ambidextrous design.

There are surely many other reasons you need to considering, like buttons, DPI, sensitivity or your personal preference. So the answer to the question is – there is no single mouse that could be called the “best gaming mouse”. Some are obviously better than others, but what’s best for you might not be what’s best for me. You need to work out what you want from your mouse and come up with a shortlist of candidates.



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