China and USA Line EYOUBAO is a David’s Dear?


Yesterday, eBay’s Michael, China Post and software developers together with other 10 peers, came to visit TOMTOP. We discussed EYOUBAO together.

EYOUBAO is the format of logistics between China and USA which is between EMS and a registered packets of the mainland, the speed close to the EMS, the price close to the registration packets. Faster customs clearance and package stores in advance when in season is its advantage. However, because it is initiated by eBay, so it is more complex than many other logistics, which really requires merchants to do more work to cooperate. It brings a great deal of Internal processes trouble to businesses. Moreover, the internal processes of each business are different, which causes the system difficult to adapt and gets into a dilemma. This will be reduced their advance greatly.

For example, EYOUBAO requires Merchants to use its two special 8cm × 8cm label, including product name, category, customs value, the recipient address, tracking number, and the various postal bar code which can recognized both the China Post and U.S Post. Moreover, the label is also need to read data from a remote server, access to tracking and other information etc. and submit product informations to the server prediction. If the Merchant has its own order processing system, then there will be existing conflict. If there are less orders, manual handling still capable of acceptance. If there are hundreds of thousands of orders, how to deal with, so the current program is only suitable for small sellers.

We propose a solution to slove these problems at the conference: EYOUBAO should offer three modes for Merchants to choose:

1. Standard Edition. Just the process using now. It’s fit for small sellers.

2. Advanced Edition. Adopted the practice of Hong Kong, businesses to upload a package list, print out the PDF format of the label. Corresponding to affix their own labels.

3. User-defined Edition. Open API interface, businesses can modify their internal systems, while scan package, immediately submit the information, and get tracking numbers, print labels immediately, then paste on the package.

In fact, EYOUBAO should learn from Hong Kong post office or DHL. Only defining themselves as logistics companies. What’s now? It has already defined themselves as a complex “david’s dear”, cover ebay, logistics, customs, many parts of the process control. I am expecting that EYOUBAO could correct its errors early and timely and adopt merchants’ advice so that its early promotion could benefit merchants and customers.

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