Evaluating new heart couple T shirt

Heart has been very popular couple T shirt too! Particularly the recent warm weather, and they can wear short-sleeved T-shirts, how can an ordinary T-show special, special enough to tide must be sufficient enough in Fashion! that the new couple T-shirts and the heartbeat of the old section of What is the difference?

Old couple T shirt with the new heart than just the red in the chest 5, no background, so even if the distance between couples, when more than 5 meters, you can see is not very clear heart-shaped, However, this new fully improved by adding a red plastic shading panel, when the couple is far greater than the distance between the time of 5 meters, and it looked exactly like two ordinary T-shirt, but once entered, will be quietly Above the surface in the heart.(led t-shirt

The new T-shirt lovers feel the heartbeat is very good, soft cotton is very comfortable. With a small pocket inside the bottom, you can easily go into the battery box. In fact, a bit small experiments Xiaobian, you can also put some money, which go for summer clothes and thin package where every bag, but still pretty good. Han’s a key to the night market Chuaizhuo guess money on it, it is convenient. Battery can be removed for easy cleaning, LED panel at the sewing is very strong. Of course, if not forced to scrub clean the panel at the time it wants.(led equalizer)

Cotton T-shirt, comfort, feel, absorbent nature are very good.
Removable battery pack for easy cleaning.
Simple, just press open switch.
Details of the office work fine, LED panel light, there is no sense to pay fall.
Battery pack is hidden inside the clothes in a small pocket.
Buy two shirts, two shirts when the distance of 5 meters when all six red lights. Love is self-evident!

Summary: this T shirt collection of stylish, comfortable and creative in one, while the expression of feelings for the couple has a remarkable creative, very special. Oh, very good! Especially now that the price adjustment, a good quality T-shirts, two coats bargain price of only 398 yuan value! The couple run absolutely be missed!(led shirts)

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