Eight Reasons to Choose Windows 7 OS Tablet PC

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Are you still hesitating to choose which OS tablet pc? Android OS, Windows, or Symbian etc.? Looking below eight reasons to choose Windows 7 OS, you may have a new view.

1. Better desktop. Windows 7 allows you to browse faster than before on your computer. With the greater task bar buttons and full-size preview, you can lock the program to the taskbar for-click access. Jump List is available to the files, folders and web shortcuts. And mouse drag and drop, desktop perspective both allows you to easily rock, fun new way to switch between all open windows.

2. More intelligent search. In the “Start” menu, type a search, you will immediately see by category (eg, documents, pictures, music, email and procedures) results. In a folder or library search, you can use filters (such as date or file type) to fine-tune the search results, and use the preview pane to view the contents of the results.

3. Easily shared by the family group. On your home network to share files and printers will be very simple. With two or more computers running Windows 7 connected to each other, it does not require much operation to share music, pictures, videos and documents with other people.

4.To Run faster. Windows 7 brings significant performance with less memory, only when needed to run background services. This allows your program to run faster, sleep more quickly, and restore and reconnect to the wireless network.

5. Better wireless network. Connecting the laptop to a wireless network in the past was troublesome, now just a few clicks. Once connected to the network, Windows will remember this network, then automatically re-connect.

6. Windows Touch technology. Windows includes a true multi-touch technology. for the first time. In the touch-screen tablet, you can use a finger to browse web, browse photos, open folders and files, provide multi-touch zoom, rotate and even right-click and other gestures.

7. Excellent support for various devices. Device Stage is new in Windows 7 features. Its role is similar to the home page of portable music players, smart phones and printers and other equipment.

8. Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Live. Windows 7 play the greatest potential of Internet Explorer 9: from the amazing hardware accelerated graphics, to directly start commonly used websites from the taskbar. You can also use many features of Windows Live for free: Create albums and videos for HD chat, share your information anytime, anywhere with your friends.

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