A Cool Gadget for High Quality Life–Electric Egg Boiler

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Egg boiler is a small life appliances, which can quickly produce high temperature steam after using the heater plate to power up, so that disk eggs to be steamed. Its biggest features are quick, easy, and fun. It can ensure maximum nutrients of egg are not destroyed, so you control how cooked tender degree of eggs you want, make it to be most suited to your taste preferences.

Many people think that there are much troubles during boiling egg, because it is not easy to master cooked extent, but the Egg boiler cooker has a convenient, quick, can steam out the different flavors of eggs what you like to eat, generally only about five minutes, can allow you to eat a nutritious and delicious eggs.But what’s the features of its functions?

1, It has a boiled egg, steam egg, steamed suit pancake, boiled quail eggs, steamed custard and so on.

2, Egg boiler can steam many flavors of eggs, each person can easily choose steamed tender eggs, cooked eggs, the eggs of the old extent according to your favorite flavors.

3.The mouth feeling of eggs which steamed out is very good: this eggs boiler use a special design, can maintain nutrition, flexibility, Egg device no smell, not bursting.

4.Special poke holes design make the eggs to be not burst when heated, eggshell peeling is very easy, most important will not produce the phenomenon of sticky shell.

5 The multifunctional Egg cooker is very safe and reliable, after cooking, it will automatically cut off the power and will beep occurs.

6.Washing is very convenient, and it also very simple to clean the not-adhere to the coating heating plate.

7.Saves time and money, it is very fast to steam egg, no need people to look after. Activities of humane egg rack, very convenient to take to get the eggs cooked,this SKG electric egg boiler cooker can cook 6 eggs perfectly.

Read more information of this Egg boiler at: http://www.tomtop.com/skg-electric-steam-6pcs-egg-cooking-boiler-cooker-poacher.html,i’m sure it’s the worth gadget for you, can take care of yourself well, also can let you easily do the delicious water of Egg and egg custard.

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