2012 Fashion New Representatives—Ultra-thin E-paper Wrist Watch

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The E-paper watch is internally fitted with electronic paper display, which can display the time, day, date. At present, the major route of achieve electronic paper technology including cholesterol liquid crystal display technology, electrophoretic display technology (EPD) and electrowetting display technology. However, the electronic paper electrophoretic display technology always used in electronic paper watch.

The display brightness and contrast of this E-paper watch is very high, completely without the use of backlighting to improve readability. It displays with an electronic paper, a simple hardware structure and a thickness of up to about 1mm.

This E-paper watch adopts the E Ink electronic paper(also known as E Ink electronic paper ink), the latest technology of the application of E ink electronic paper as a display, the main use advantage of natural light to read, compared to traditional quartz electronic watches, this e-paper watch is visible in the bright light, and the effect is better, more comfort to your eyes. Electronic paper watch that can really be compared to traditional watches leveraging soft characteristics of electronic paper, electronic paper watch topped dial bending this difficulties, a change in the old-fashioned interface of mechanical watches, quartz watch category watches, moderately bent, good with the the ergonomic surface design, more humane.

It is worth mentioning that the movement of this electronic paper watch is ultra-thin , only 0.01mm, the perfect combination of art and technology with the highly artistic sense of the provisions of the carbon fiber strap, this E-paper watch is called the 2012 fashion new representatives. Learn more about E-paper wrist watch at http://www.tomtop.com/home-garden/sport-fashion-digital-e-paper-wrist-watch-men-clock-real-leather-strap.html.

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