Double eleven, you can’t miss this Orimag P6 Mini Smart Projector

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In recent years, with the smartness of mobile devices, tablets, TVs and other terminal devices, and the warming of the smart hardware market, the projector industry, one of the traditional terminal devices, is naturally reluctant to lag behind. The projectors are driven by industry technology and capital strength, and beginning to transform into intelligence. Their size is getting smaller and smaller, the functions are getting stronger and stronger, and the prices are getting cheaper. Orimag is a young member of the projector series, but it is particularly prominent in this field, especially the Orimag P6 is very popular,Let’s take a look at the magic of the Orimag P6.Orimag P6 Mini Smart Projector DLP Projector 1080P Resolution Supported Max 220 Inches Screen


Mini high-end look
The Orimag P6 Mini Smart Projector is smaller than any other projector. The 1.7″ x 1.7″ x 1.8″ ultra-mini size delivers up to 200″ projections. The projector is small enough to carry in your pocket. Comes with a mini tripod and a protective bag. Despite its small size, the workmanship is very delicate and perfect. The surface has LED button indication, high-end atmosphere, plus tempered glass touch panel, the touch is more comfortable, and it can withstand more external force and reduce the wear of the touch panel surface.I think you have never seen such a special projector.

Small and complete.
Orimag P6 is extremely compact in appearance to meet the needs of users’ mobile office meetings, and its performance is not worse than other projectors. ORIMAG P6 uses TI’s DLP digital light processing technology, the projected image can display more than 16 million colors and 256-segment gray, with Osram LED light source, regardless of brightness or color, has reached the higher of home projection products level. It supports H.265 hardware decoding and is compatible with 1080P resolution, even if you play HD video online, it can be handled easily. The 2000mAh lithium battery can support P6 firepower for 2 hours. Its LED light source has a lifetime of up to 30,000 hours and a projection size of up to 120 inches, which is comparable to desktop projectors.

Orimag P6 Mini Smart Projector DLP Projector 1080P Resolution Supported Max 220 Inches Screen

Best partner for entertainment and leisure
For many young staff, due to the busy work, there is very little time for leisure to go to the cinema, KTV and other places to relax, even on weekends, just choose to face the computer or mobile phone all day, because to go to the theater or KTV We need to book in advance or queue up to buy tickets, or need to spend a long time on the road to reach the theater. These factors make watching TV and playing games at home the most convenient and economical way to relax. But with the Orimag P6 Mini Smart Projector, you can spend a perfect weekend at home,you won’t be bothered by the fact that your phone screen is small and there are few TV shows.
The ORIMAG P6 projector can be connected to a USB flash drive or TF card. It can also wirelessly sync the image and video content on mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, etc. With it, you have a perfect home theater, you can even take it outdoors Camping, enjoy a visual feast anytime, anywhere.

Orimag P6 Mini Smart Projector DLP Projector 1080P Resolution Supported Max 220 Inches Screen

Super discount price
You may have heard of the Orimag P6 Smart Portable DLP LED Projector. But do you know the price of it? In general, it costs about $200 to $250. But at present, the Double Eleven event, Tomtop offers you an exclusive offer, its price is around $150 , get this product at such a favorable price, you must not miss it.

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