How to Choose a Good Home Security Doorbell?

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With the rapid development of science and technology, the field of global security and multimedia communications has entered a new period, and also because of the inherent advantages of the wireless video intercom system which is used in many security communications and consumer electronics field and also very popular. Wireless video intercom systems is good or bad on the market, very uneven, so lack of experience, do you know how to choose a good wireless video intercom system become a headache for a lot of people, now i will make my pinion out to share with you, hope can give you some help, will show you from the “wireless” “visual” and intercom ”

1, Wireless: What is wireless? Yes, all know that is no line, no fixity, is suitable for mobile, flexible and easy to use, then we should pay attention here will have some problems during the move. First, how much the effective distance on the removable clearings? Traditional analog signal open distance is 100 meters, 2.4G applications can make the distance up to 400 meters or even farther, there are many Intercom doorbell which are 100-200 meters on the market now.

2, Visualization: it is better understanding, mainly refers to the sharpness of the image effects, and how many the pixels? How the quality? Whether there is night vision function?

3. Intercom: it refers to the problem of voice, here in particular the following note: First of all, what intercom? Full-duplex intercom, half-duplex or simplex? Full duplex intercom of both free interoperability intercom, both simultaneously, if we usually call the same speake, also be able to hear each other’s voices. The half-duplex intercom between two points can be sent in both directions, but the work can not be sent at the same time, give a simple example, a narrow road, if only can allow one car to pass when the current two the amount of cars outside, this case can only be a first, too, until the head after another vehicle to open this example image that the principle of the half-duplex and half-duplex obvious defects, is likely to only hear noise in a noisy environment, or rain sound on rainy day, as technology continues to progress, half-duplex will gradually exit the stage of history. The simplex is kind of old-fashioned walkie-talkie intercom way, the information sent in only one direction between two points, one finished, another said. So you can according to their specific requirements and applicability to choose Wireless video intercom doorbell. The duplex is written by a lot of playing language games, we must ask what it is, a full-duplex or half-duplex? Secondly, whether the sound is clear, Are there serious intermittent and delay?


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