Xiaomi Youpin DOCO B01 Electric Facial Cleanser Review

DOCO B01 Cleanser will be the best gift for Valentine’s Day

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What should I give my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? This is probably the ultimate question that plagues all boys. It seems too tacky to send flowers. It takes too much money to send gold and silver, and 3C is the next best thing. Xiaomi Youpin gave a good choice today. On the Youpin official website, a “DOCO B01 Electric Facial Cleanser” made of silicone is used. It uses the same food-grade silicone as Luna and provides A dual-powered micro-vibration motor costs only $ 23.29.

In fact, the structure principle of the cleansing device is not complicated. Most commercially available cleansing devices use a high-frequency micro-vibration massage method to shake out the garbage in the skin, thereby effectively ensuring the cleanliness of the face, as is the DOCO cleansing device. . The surface of the DOCO cleansing instrument uses a single silicone brush with a diameter of 0.6mm, and the distance between each brush is 0.45mm. More than 2600 bristles are 50% more than the traditional cleansing instrument. They ensure that users can use more Effectively cleanses skin surface deeply.

At the same time, the DOCO cleansing instrument uses a dual-motor design. The motor’s vibration frequency of 9,000 rpm in one minute can efficiently absorb dirt on the skin and body. According to the official introduction of the product, the design of the DOCO dual-motor can also filter the left and right lateral vibrations to avoid the bristles on the skin Scrub laterally to reduce the risk of thinning of the stratum corneum. Compared with Luna, DOCO is special in that it provides a supporting applet, which allows users to set a variety of modes such as hand washing, cleansing, makeup removal, etc., and also provides 99 steps of stepless speed regulation, so that users can Adjust the intensity of your face wash.

At present, the DOCO cleansing instrument has been launched on Xiaomi Youpin’s official website for $ 23.29. It is indeed more cost-effective than Luna. If you are worrying about what kind of gift for Valentine’s Day, Think about DOCO.

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