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Lamps are a necessity in our daily lives. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology.The decorative effect of the luminaire is greater than that of the lighting decoration. Smart lights are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the simple and generous design of the millet series and the easy to follow price.The Mijia smart home series has become a leader in its class. This original millet Yeelight smart desktop USB light is the most distinctive product, let’s take a look at what special features it has.

Simple retro shape

This smart “electronic candle light” looks very simple, mimicking the original ecology of the candle and subtly adjusting the candlelight atmosphere. In addition, it has a transparent outer casing, an aluminum base and a retro-designed electronic wick that is very creative.

Original Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Candle LED Desk USB Lamp

Unique lighting method

The interior is made of brass perforated wick and imported high quality LED lamp beads. Light 1800K warm light, can bring a warm lighting atmosphere. At the same time, there are three levels of brightness control switches on the bottom of the machine. And using a precise snap gear, rotate counterclockwise to adjust the brightness of the light. In addition, you can create a variety of lighting atmospheres with the mobile app.

Original Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Candle LED Desk USB Lamp

Interactive function

The biggest feature of this smart candle is the multi-lamp interaction. Based on BLE Mesh technology, multiple lamp group synchronization control can be realized. One group can accommodate up to 30,000 lights at the same time, one of which lights gently and the remaining ambient lights are switched and controlled at the same time.

Original Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Candle LED Desk USB Lamp

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