Do you know LED T-shirt


Nowadays, technology influence on our lives is ubiquitous. Even a normal clothes, high tech could make it stand out.Garment industry is no longer simply a fabric, tailoring and design, and simple tailoring will soon no longer be enough to satisfy consumers. The most popular and One of the fastest growing areas, is the world’s technology and the integration of clothing items. LED T shirt is one of the symbols in digital times. Its highlight is that it displays digital messages across our chest and responds to the music beats. Such product not only looks sleek and cool, but also offers visual rhythm guide to us. They have made a hit with all of the fashion lovers.

How does it work?

Such kind of unique equalizer music t-shirts have built in sound sensitive spectrum analyzers which could enable themselves to respond to the beats of the music. The picture on the clothes could flash and light according to the frequency, sound and sound volume of the music being played. LED T shirts are terrific products for different parties, clubs, sports watching, creational activities and other places. You could become the focus of the crowd once you put them on. No wonder so many youngsters love such kind of gadgets so much.

Advantages of LED T Shirt

1. Harmless – don’t emit any ultraviolet rays that affect our health.
2. Flexible picture shape – manufacturers could make the picture shape according to
customer requirements.
3. Low energy consumption – it gives off light even the electricity quantity is very
low. Its consumption power is measured by mW.
4. Ultra thin – the thinnest could be below 0.18mm.
5. Pliable – It could give off light in any shape even it is folded.
6. Don’t emit heat -LED belongs to cold light source. There is almost no increase in
temperature when the shirt turns on. Its working temperature is lower than fluorescent

7. Strong shockproof capability – different from other luminescent devices, LED will
not lose its efficacy because of the outer impact.
8. The light it gives off is well distributed and mild – there is no flicker during use,
so we seldom feel uncomfortable in our eyes.
9. Long serving life – The average life span of LED is from 5000 to 25000 hours.
10. 100% cotton and washable

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