Stylish And Powerful Digital Clock Camera


There are always new gadgets released in the market every several days, with the new technology and improvement in the design and quality, also at the same time the price will be cut down soon. As a matter of fact, nearly all of the spy gadget using the same technology, they only different in the apprentice. However there are still many people are willing to collect new design spy gadgets. The Digital Clock Camera one of the hottest spy cameras these days, it is a multi-functional clock. It is an alarm clock in appearance. In fact, it is not just a simple clock, but also is a spy monitor, video recorder and webcam.

The spy clock camera has two time format optional; 12-hour and 24 hour. Multiple alarming sounds for choice: beep, cock crowing, and five sweet songs. The clock has lazy mode and the chime time interval is 10 mins, and the alarming times can reach at 6 at most. The clock strikes the hour by voice. Operating instructions: at real time mode, press “SET” once to set time, then press “HR” and “MIN” to adjust. At real time mode, press “SET” twice to set alarming time, then press “HR” and “MIN” to adjust. At real time mode, press “LIGHT” to turn on the backlight(blue). At real time mode, press “TALK/SNZ” to tell time by voice. When refer to spy monitor function, it can provide successive video marking over 12 hrs and sound making over 25 hrs. Automatically detect the moving object and capture the video at any time. When there are objects in the plane of the camera range of movement, this machine instantly start camera function, recording every step of the moving object, when the object to leave the range of the camera, the machine will automatically turn off to save the disk space.

If you are looking for a powerful spy camera then the digital clock camera is the perfect choice for you. And no one will guess that he/she is being watched. Sometimes we really need to make sure our home or business is well when we are not there. China wholesale online store TOMTOP offers all kinds of stylish spy cameras, feel free to stop and check out our online store TOMTOP. A tons of amazing items are waiting for you.

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  1. i love this keychain becsuae you can see high definition and has a very good quality i would love to get this item it is very good for spying on people so you could have a good report on whats going on at home so i would love to have this very much i loved the keychain camcorder the best out of all and it could take photos and other effects also included like good video renitence

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