Cree LED Flashlight Mysteries – What is a Lumen?


Are you in the market for Cree LED Flashlight? I’ve got good news and bad news, the market has expanded a great deal in the past few years but it has made buying decisions much harder. The need for Cree LED Flashlight has been escalating as awareness for energy-efficiency and using “greener” technology is fast growing.

The consumer market is now flooded with different types Cree LED Flashlight by many manufacturers. It is an excellent opportunity to become an online retailer for these LED Flashlights as they are a rage today.

Cree LED Flashlight is a great investment for their durability, quality and excellent brightness. The brightness factor is measured in Lumen. You must wonder, “What is a Lumen?” Lumen is actually the measure of light output from a device such as a torch or flashlight or any other light-emitting device. According to web definition – A lumen is a unit of standard measurement used to describe how much light is contained in a certain area. The next question that would arise is that of Lux and its role while looking for Cree LED Flashlight. Lux is just the throw of light – distance covered rather than the brightness itself.

It is important to understand the difference between lux and lumen. Let us take an example: A room of your home having a fluorescent light fixture, which gives you 12000 lumen output to brighten the room, this is equivalent to the luminance of 500 lux. If you want to brighten a warehouse, which is at least 10-12 times the size of that room, you would need 12 such bulbs. This proves that to brighten a larger area to get the same level of lux (500), you would require a large number of lumen.

Now when a consumer looks for an Cree LED Flashlight device, he has to look for the ones that have a large number of lumen to get overall brightness in terms of distance and area covered with equal brightness. The lumen value in LED Flashlight varies by models. When choosing an LED Flashlight, its practical use would decide the number of lumen required for the customer.

Since total brightness is measured in lumen, the range of 10 to 100 lumen is common. For minimum practical brightness, you could choose an LED Flashlight device with 10 lumen. For darker areas like lighting trails when walking or looking for items in a dark attic, a device with 30 lumen would work very well. For lighting up distant objects when camping, the camping Flashlights could go up to 100 lumen. Police flashlights are at least 90 lumen.

Other than these important factors, one should also note that some manufacturers state the unit of watts for brightness. Cree LED Flashlight devices could state 10-80 lumen per watt, where it is claimed that 30 lumen is 1 watt. In such cases, make the conversion yourself and check the number of lumen before making the purchase. Some of the premium flashlights have different settings for brightness thereby conserving energy and battery life. They have the potential of being top products in the retail market.

Batteries that are the power source to the LED Flashlight devices should preferably be AA or AAA that are easy to find for customers. Devices having specialized batteries may not have a great selling point as they will be difficult to find. Making a note of these points, you could list products that quality these conditions and put them on your website to enable constant movement of products.

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