The usage and maintenance of 4 piece set cotton bedding

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Everybody, look at here now, we are preparing to sell a size of high quality 4 piece set cotton bedding, today I will introduce the usage and maintenance to you, after you reading this article , you can know more how to let it to serve you for a long time. As we know “4 pcs set” usually refers to 4 pcs set cotton bedding in our daily life. This set include: a pair of single pillow case, a quilt cover and a flat sheet. (The main materials of these bedding set which are sold at TOMTOP is cotton)

According to the collocation, the Cotton bedding can be divided: Fitted denim cited (1 Fitted, 1 quilt, 2 pillowcases short); bedding sheets four piece set(a sheet, a quilt, 2 pillowcases short); bedspread four piece set(a bedspread, a quilt, 2 pillowcases short); bedspread Five-piece set(it is more length bedspread pillowcase than four piece set ); bed skirt four piece set(it is the same as bedspread, only change the bedspread to the bed skirt, and the Five-piece is more a long pillow). The rest sets, such as six piece set, seven piece set, eight piece set and so on, all are more a few cushion ah, pillows and the like.

The usage an maintenance

First, the usage: silk quilt should be used with core to the outside, otherwise the core is easy to be contaminated by the dust and stains. When sleeping, do not press on the quilt, or wrapped to the body below, so you can keep fluffy silk. When it is used on children bed, parents should prevent the bed-wetting, while avoiding the mess the children jumped wildly in the quilt top.

Second, cleaning: If the quilt is dirty, you remove it and use the cold water to wash. But please notice, the silk core can not be washed, not dry, not chlorine bleaching, not ironing. If potting, you should go to a professional dry cleaning store, they will use special detergent for local cleaning, then drying it at low-temperature, do this can prevent fabric shrinking. If the stain is small, you can gently wipe with a neutral detergent.

Third, Drying: if there is stock chrysalis silk taste in a new quilt cover, you can put it to the well ventilated place, and dry it for two days. Silk should be timely drying, normally it is 1-2 week intervals, and every 1-2 hours is appropriate. Do not put the quilt on sun exposure for a long time, this will cause breakage of silk. After the sun pat hand, can remain fluffy.

Forth, Storage: the cotton bedding should be dried one time before storage, so it can exclude internal moisture. Do not store in hot and humid environment or into a plastic bag, to prevent the silk to be moisture, resulting in odor, loss of warmth and breath-ability. Most important should avoid stress, do not stack heavy objects on top of the quilt, so thinning harden. Do not use mothballs and other chemicals to prevent pollution of silk.

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