Confess fault and move on-Huang Tianxia


There are many interesting, inspiring or cheering things happened in Tomtop, which deserves everyone’s attention. In oder to carry forward the spirit of humanism, our boss sent the clerk from seo department to give a interview to some centain staffs in other departments. Then, let’s have a look what had happened around us.
Huang Tianxia, male, from B2C department.
Wu Jiangtao, male, the interviewer.

Wu: First, tell us something about your job.
Huang: Ok! The focus of my usual job is the website of our company,namely, which is the platform we commence bussiness on. The order amount is raising at 10% per month, which result in that my workload keep raising synchronously. And, in order to work in with other department, we have to export the order from paypal, document it and input it into the ERP system, meanwhile we need to upload the order record into the server. What’s more we need to maintain the relationship with the our customer, so timely reply is required. There are still other things that we need to do, such as writing some information for the products.

Wu: Your job sounds quite fussy, so I think you must be required to be more strict and careful and sometimes mistakes happened to be inaviodable, right?
Huang: Of course, in order not to influnce the other department, we can not be careless, or we will incriminate them and which will reduce the entire work efficiency. If mistakes happening, not only our company will suffer loss, but also the customer also will.

Wu: How does our corperation supervise your work?
Huang: We will sent email to our department manager and report our performance, and our manager supervise us directly. We dare not to be careless.

Wu: I heared that you made a mistake and our compamy give you some punishment. Can you talk about this?
Huang: This is about real that some orders going to be posted need to be registered and marked as PT, and in order to distinguish them from the our corperator’s order, so we always mark the coperators’ order by PTO. I was so careless that i skipped the O and mess up the two kinds of orders and i am so sorry for the unneccessry trouble i caused to the delivery department.

Wu: The punishment is not serious, and how do you think about that?
Huang: I really grateful that our company forgives me. Though the punishment is only 50 struck-off, it is a impressive lesson and I will worked more harder with postive attitude to compensate my fault.

Wu: How is everything going on recently? I hope the last fault did not affect you a lot!
Huang: Of course not! I am great and I am trying to get my job well done this month.

Postscript: In this short interview, I can feel that Huang is a positive guy with a breezy personality. Though I refered the mistake he made last month, he told me frank details, from which I believe he loves his job. Though it is the reality that he made a mistake, we still can see his resposible attitude and we have plenteous reasons to believe that he will work harder and attribute to his job 100%.

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