Chronic illness need strong medicine


TOMTOP engaged in online retail since 2004, during the process of operation, we know how important customer’s trust it is. Basing on this, we developed a series of rules and regulations, not only to regulate the daily work of staff discipline, but also to always provide customers with the most quality of service. However, the company’s “draconian laws” is nothing less than fierce, and yet people can not avoid mistakes in their daily work. Since someone violate company’s regulation and caused loss to customers, in a responsible manner for the customers, company gave the appropriate person responsible for a severe punishment in hope that each company memmber draw lessons from them and correct”chronic illness” in the following work, with the “customer first” approach to the care of the completion of each daily work.

We conducted an interview to those responsible to be punished accordingly , let’s look at events through the concrete details.

During the interview, we accepted the strong support from Administration Department, who provide a detailed notice of action, first let’s have a look what kind of punishment they accepted:

Hereby, logistics superviser, Yu Changhong managed order No.CH100408-49C18916TH3528730-D and arrange delivery on 2010-04-20, due to work operations Mistakes, the wrong goods, this single place, the officer discovered the error after the Times, a Company initiative and superior leadership, despite various efforts to restore the company, the last company still making 2,787 yuan in direct economic losses, the officer in violation of the provisions of the corporate system. In order to educate the staff and everyone at work extra care to avoid similar mistakes occurred, according to “Employee Handbook” on fifty-three the third paragraph shall, and considering the work of the members take the initiative to promptly report the wrong attitude, is now responsible for the relevant following treatment.

1, the person directly responsible shall be ordered to pay damages over a long amount of 1858 yuan, the compensation bonuses in their work to be deducted;

2, Manager Liu jointly and severally liable, impose a fine net of 929 yuan bonus.

During the interview, I always charge for their error and said the impact of deep regret, we know that, as the head of her work in the past has always been careful, the logistics sector has been a model for other employees to learn, although this times the impact bad mistakes, but I charge this to make mistakes, take the initiative to recognize the wrong attitude is worthy of every employee to learn. Head also said the interview process I hope that other company employees as a warning to her, especially the logistics sector, in future work, she would have staff in this sector more demanding, but also more stringent demands on themselves, continue to take charge of responsibility.

The next is sale department:

B2B Trade hereby have the original sales force in dealing with TAN Zhi NO. 1000770211 order because there is not timely completion invoice number, leading to a full refund automatically, causing direct economic losses to the company 1,205 yuan (company products have been issued can not be recovered) violation of the “employee handbook” fifty of Articles, and now under the “employee handbook” on fifty-three the third paragraph shall, to the responsible officers to do the following processing.

1, TAN Zhi-force directly responsible for deducting bonuses 1205 yuan in compensatory damages;

2, the department held directly under the leadership of Lee Snow leadership oversight responsibility, be deducted 241 yuan bonus penalties.

There is hereby superviser Li, from the second sale department, handling NO. 1000702210 order because there is not timely completion invoice number, the system automatically lead to a full refund, causing direct economic losses to the company 465 yuan (company products have been issued can not be recovered) violation of the “employee handbook” fifty of Articles, and now under the “employee handbook” on fifty-three the third paragraph shall, for this do the following processing.

Li, taken out 465 yuan as a bonus damages.

Saledepartment is a bridge of communication between companies and customers, so business is not just to the company if the error is caused economic losses, more importantly, will give customers a bad impression, if the business to the company often make mistakes with to the loss is immeasurable, not because of the terrible economic decline, but the loss of a large number of customers. During the interview the two employees the business sector, also expressed his sincere apologies and guarantee the work in the future will be more careful, improve performance, to bring more intimate customer service. Create professional sales team is always the focus of the company’s work, which requires the efforts of each individual business, what is professional? That is to bring better services to customers, to prevent a similar mistake.

Finally, the purchasing department:

The purchaser, Hou yuanlong on September 17, 2010 in the procurement of goods number is H4025 digital point scale, because of the work of neglect errors purchased five caliper storage, and the errors of goods has been sent to the customer after all the re-issued, causing direct economic losses to the company 411 yuan. In order to strengthen the work of education the officer responsible, to prevent similar errors, reduce unnecessary losses, and now under the “employee handbook” on fifty-three, paragraph 3, of the responsible person be handled as follows.

1, shall be directly responsible for the error and withholding of bonuses 411 yuan as punishment;

2, department heads RUBBER jointly and severally liable, the withholding of bonuses to be 205 yuan of punishment;

3, the department manager Liu Junhua negative leadership oversight responsibilities, the withholding of bonuses to be 82 yuan penalty.

Purchasing department can be described as the cornerstone of the company’s operations, if the product supply is not on all the work of other departments would come to naught, while the customer experience is a fatal blow, imagine if a customer can not get the product he wants, he going to think, he will once again visiting our site? Therefore, the purchasing department’s work is fundamental, the result of errors in the work will be devastating. In the interview, the buyer of his mistakes made in-depth review once again, express our sincere acceptance of the company’s penalty to ensure that similar mistakes would never occur, and that future work to the performance of their own to make up for their mistakes. In particular, he referred to the business sector, unprovoked their workload increased, he said the impact to the business sector are guilty.

Losses have caused irreparable; error Although cast, it can be corrected; responsibility has assumed, without again be held; punishment Although acceptable, but not head to. Yes, punishment is not a head to, but the means, we hope, to accept the punishment and did not receive punishment should learn a lesson, make persistent efforts in the future work, continuously improve the professional level, to bring more high-quality customer TOMTOP services.

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