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Are you interested in playing RC Cars? To most of boys, the answer must be yes. However most of RC Cars are expensive, especially in your local stores, and the high price will stop the step that many boys to approach the RC Cars. Have you ever found that your kids stopped in the front of the shop window and want to own a cool RC Car. Now, there are some cheap RC Cars are available on China wholesale online store TOMTOP, they are sold at cheap price but not poor quality. We can get these items form manufacturer directly at the wholesale price. So we can offer high quality items to our customers at lowest prices.

To most of us, RC cars provide endless amounts of thrill and entertainment. For children, RC cars put the too-young-to-drive in legal control of a vehicle. For grown-ups, RC cars offer the thrill of the race and speed, as well as a youthful exuberance. The potency of the electric RC Car generally originates from a rechargeable battery back. You will be able to charge them using your wall outlet or even 12-volt car battery. Depending on the sort of car your posses, you will get about 5-10 minutes of drive time from 15-30 minutes of charging. Since you aren’t getting much time per charge, you should have an extra battery pack to switch back and forth. As a result, you’ll regularly be playing your RC car while one of the batteries is charging.

One of the hottest RC Car available on TOMTOP is the Black Rastar 1:14 BMW X5 Car Model with Remote Control, which is BMW X5 Car model made by Rastar. Ultra-simulation design, independent suspension system. Authentic car styling with injection mounded body. The scale is 1:14. Equipped with a 27.145MHz remote control. Easy to control, full function radio control. It can be driven in different direction. Function: forward, reverse, turn left, turn right. Real working front headlights and rear lights. It is packed by a nice display case. It is perfect for collector’s display and also can be used as a toy or gift.

There are also many other types available on TOMTOP, if you are ready to buy one or want to know more information about cheap RC Cars, welcome to visit us follow the link:

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