Car owner never afraid of car theft


Once you own one car and one problem you will concern how to prevent my car from stolen.
While you research the internet you will find that as the popularity of cars and the Auto Theft Problem in popular all around the world.Here we have an featured product Car alarm systems K389 1-Way/2-Way Car Alarm Security System with Remote Control help Car Owners defense against auto theft.

This is an featured one among many car alarm systems , Its price also at the middle and upper levels ,we choose this as an example to know .

it can be used in different types of cars with electric lock and pneumatic lock.

Automatically central door locking & remote release trunk,1 two-way LCD 4-button Remote Control & 1 One-Way 4-button Remote Control.

The function icons will display on the LCD screen, like arm/disarm indication and silent arm, ect.

With smart LED indicator.

And so on .

Maybe you want one the fuctions not that power or an more power one .We have relative products for your reference.

1.The 1-Way Car Alarm Protection System with 2 Remote Control K408, K407, K384, K390, K388

2.The 1-Way/2-Way Car Alarm Security System with Remote Control K389 .

3.The 2-Way Car Alarm Security System & 2 LCD Screen Remote Control K386

All these product you could search on our website Or use advanced search write the K389 ,Or other number on the sku line

Pls try .

The last point may be the operation.After you saw pictures expecially the second one has many cables there.You may have puzzle does it hard to operate ?

pls don’t worry ,in the package it has Instruction manual to teach.

Hope this can be helpful when your choose car alarm.And also welcome your supplement.

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