How to Buy Cell Phones —Choose From Three Types


What makes cell phones different from land-based lines is that they transmit by radio waves, and therefore rely on antennas scattered around the country to receive the signal. A cellular phone is a convenient way to stay in touch with family and friends, how to buy cell phones based on your individual needs?

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There are three main types of phones:

Analog phones. Analog is the original cell-phone type. The phones themselves are a bit less expensive than the alternatives. On the negative side, the sound quality is not the sharpest, and the minute rates tend to be higher than the alternative. Digital or PCS phones are much more versatile and offer several advantages over the analog phone.

Digital phones. These have better signals and cheaper call rates. Batteries tend to last longer as well (because the phones require less power). The problem is that coverage tends to cut out (or be patchy) once you are not in a specific populated area. If you are planning to use your cell phone while traveling cross-country, digital phones may give you a problem for this reason.

PCS phones. PCS stands for Personal Communications Service. For all practical purposes, it is effectively the same as digital.

Additional features to consider:

Dual Sim Phones. These phones can automatically switch between digital and analog. When you are in range of digital antennae, they go with that, and as you move out, they automatically utilize the analog lines. Battery life. When you choose a phone, you should consider how long it can last on standby (turned on, but not in use), and how much talk time you have before recharging.

Weight. The lighter it is, the easier it is to carry around.

Size and color. Portability and the overall appearance of the phone may be important to you.

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