Bringing Meidong E8 keeps me away from the noisy and quiet music

Bringing Meidong E8 keeps me away from the noisy and quiet music

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[Noise Reduction Plot]

There is a special commitment to noise reduction in headphones. After all, it takes hours to travel on the subway bus every morning and evening. In this noisy and chaotic world and long journeys, I always bring headphones and immerse myself in the kingdom of music. To enjoy this unique time.

In the past, I have been using a dozen or so in-ear headphones. In order to respond to external noise, I always need to increase the volume until it can slightly cover the outside noise, but over time, damage to hearing is inevitable. The impact of hearing loss is far more than simply turning up the volume when watching TV / listening to music. It also affects people’s daily communication skills, which can cause a series of problems and misunderstandings in work and life, and even induce other diseases. . Later, I began to pay attention to noise-cancelling headphones through a friend’s introduction. I have also bought several models in recent years. With noise-cancelling headphones, I can focus more on music and more on something.

Noise-cancelling headphones were previously only used by business people or music enthusiasts, but later with the development of technology and prices, especially the rise of domestic noise-cancelling earphone manufacturers, noise-cancelling headphones are already visible on the street.

[Out of the box]

Fortunately, I was able to get the high-end flagship Bluetooth noise-cancelling headset of the Meidong family. This is also the second time I have contacted the Charm Motion Headset.

Meidong E8 still uses a family-style packaging design. The black cardboard box has a simple outline of the headphone on the front. The upper left corner is Meidong’s LOG. The overall look is simple and not simple. Not only does it show his attitude, but it also fits the tastes of young people now.

A great little bag with a good workmanship and a buckle for hanging out on a backpack or other places.

When you open the box, it feels very good at first glance. The whole is mainly black, with gold as the embellishment on the side of the headphones. There is no sense of being overwhelming, but it is just right. Black is calm, high-end, golden sunlight, atmosphere.

Every time I unpacked the expectation that the “protagonist” appeared for the first time, the “supporting role” often added a surprise. Take out all the accessories of Meidong E8 and place them on the table, there is a sense of value for money. Audio cable, metal earphone adapter, tap, VIP card, thank you letter, instruction manual. All are very useful objects. Although the Magic E8 is mainly equipped with Bluetooth, the original wired accessories are all configured for you.

All operations of the E8 are focused on the right ear, noise reduction indicator, noise reduction switch, Bluetooth indicator, volume + / previous song, volume-/ next song, USB charging interface, audio interface, seemingly Many buttons are concentrated in one place, but the layout of each button is quite reasonable and the distance between the buttons is just right. After you understand the general layout, you can use it a few times to perform blind operations.

The most interesting thing is that the E8 uses a suction-type earmuff design, which is very personalized. The left and right earbags are adsorbed by a total of 16 strong magnets, which can be flexibly removed. Different earmuffs can be replaced later.

[Noise Reduction Experience]

The E8 uses doubly-fed noise reduction technology. There is a feedforward microphone and a feedback microphone in the ear. There are 4 HD noise reduction MIC units on the outside and inside of the earphone cavity. Double feedback can accurately reduce external noise. The popular point is that the built-in microphone on the headset is used to detect environmental noise, and the active noise reduction system will generate equivalent and opposite neutralizing noise, thereby effectively reducing noise.

The noise reduction value sold in the market is more than 20, and the noise reduction value of E8 is more than 30. With such powerful hardware as a guarantee, what is the actual experience?

Outdoor is basically the environmental noise on the road and in public transportation, mainly including the low frequency noise of the traffic volume operation and the intermediate frequency noise of human activities. For low-frequency noise, Meizu E8 can excellently block after turning on noise reduction. For intermediate frequency noise such as human voice, the volume of the filtered human voice is reduced as a whole, and the tri-band is relatively balanced.

In addition, there are occasional high-frequency noises emitted from the outside. For such loud and completely irregular sounds, there is no good way to use headphones.

Besides indoors. The noise of the indoor office environment mainly includes low-frequency background noise generated by the mixing of low-frequency sounds emitted by various mechanical operations, and irregular high-frequency noise of lower loudness generated by various human activities. For background noise, the E8 is perfect. But in terms of irregular noise. Still a little reluctant.

I tested mechanical keyboard typing, finger tapping on a wooden desktop, mouse clicks, high-frequency noise common in office scenarios such as walking on hard floors wearing hard-soled shoes, and the E8 basically completely shielded all these noises at normal distances.

[Wearing comfort]

Although the E8 is a headset, its light weight processing and more ergonomic design do not feel much indentation when I first wear it. This made me have the E8 from the beginning. Not a small favor.

I have a normal body shape, and I do n’t feel a chuck when I wear it. When I get home from work at night, I also like to run around the community with headphones. Summer is here, and the season for weight loss is coming. The headset has been stable and has not shaken. The inner head beam of the headset has a good support for the head, and the overall feeling of wearing is basically good.

[Sound Performance]

In terms of the sound performance of the E8, I used the iPhone 8 Plus Internet Easy Cloud Music SQ lossless version to experience it. From the perspective of overall sound color, Meidong E8 belongs to a very balanced tuning style, showing a neutral + natural taste. At the same time, the elasticity of the sound is very good. It should be said that it is the same for all types of music. In a very real and natural form.

The test tracks are Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” and Teresa Teng’s “Little Town Story” Andy Lau’s “Ice Rain”.

There are two versions of Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”. I chose the regular ROCK version, which was the one that was once thought to be the CS theme song. Heavy metal, a slightly hoarse voice, puts a lot of pressure on the low frequency and interpretation of the headphones. Heavy metal is a kind of power, a kind of explosion, and it can easily become noise if you use ordinary headphones. The E8’s low-frequency optimization effect is obvious. The high-frequency is not harsh, and the low-frequency rhythm is full, not just a muffled sound.

In the mid-range section, I chose Teresa Teng’s “Little Town Story” and Andy Lau’s “Ice Rain”. The biggest feeling is that the sound has a rich sense of three-dimensionality and layering. The human voice is close to the ears, and the scene is very strong. It can be said that the ears are amazing, and the music sounds, and you are immersed in it. Both Teng Lijun’s clear voice and Andy Lau’s thick voice have performed extremely well. So even if you listen to it, it won’t make your ears tired because the sound is too irritating, and the human voice is still the kind of near-near.

[Game part]

Wear this headset when playing games. Thanks to the large size 40mm generating unit, the sound field of the headset is very regular, and the sound of footsteps is very clear. You can always know the position of the enemy through the footsteps one second before the enemy comes. Turn the muzzle over and you will win.

[Endurance performance]

E8 officially announced that it can listen to more than 30 hours in pure music mode, more than 30 hours of pure noise reduction, and turn on music + noise reduction simulation for 15 hours. I have been listening for 5 hours a day and I have used it for 4 days. After listening for such a long time, I want to burn the machine (this is a metaphysics). The power of the headphones has not been used up yet. The battery life is more than 20 hours, which is not much different from the official propaganda.

【to sum up】

After using it for so long, I should also write a summary to talk about its advantages and disadvantages. This headset is generally good to use. If you measure it with the price of 1299 yuan, it is considered to be a good value. It can also be said that at this price, it can kill the same type of noise-cancelling headphones, beautiful appearance, comfortable wearing, excellent sound quality performance, and the blessing of multiple patents, which successfully led to the excellent product E8.

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