Why Choose Blackberry Cell Phone


BlackBerry Cell Phone require no introduction. However, for those who are new and are inquisitive in knowing about Blackberry here are few quick facts about them. Blackberry phone has been developed by Rim and is known for providing mobile phones all over the world with competent solutions. People have appreciated their latest cell phones technology like BlackBerry pearl and BlackBerry 9500 series for their strong influence because of the style, sleek, compact and integrated mobile solutions. Beside this smartphones have enabled people to stay connected in business and personal life. They have made the lives easier and better. Some of the features of the latest Blackberry cell phones are Digital Camera, GPS navigation with the help of Blackberry mapping, Media Players, and much more. These features vary from one model to another.

To help you understand better about Blackberry Cell Phone, let’s discuss one of their make like RIM Blackberry 9500. This smartphone has touch screen facility, 480×320 pixel touch screen display, auto screen rotation, 1 GB of internal storage, 128 MB expandable RAM, etc.

Blackberry 9500 comes in dual 2G and 3G network coverage. By opting for Blackberry 9500 you have the right choice to select best tariff plans as per your needs and budget. The various deals which you can enjoy with Blackberry 9500 Storm include pay-as-you-go, contract deals (14 to 28 months), free line rental and SIM free and so forth. This fascinating handset comes with powerful connectivity features like Bluetooth, USB, GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi enabling you to share or transfer data files with ease. Free gifts with blackberry 9500 assist you to trim down your mobile expenses.

It has powerful battery which enables you to talk for hours without recharging. This highly modern device comes incorporated with 3.5 megapixel camera with high resolution, autofocus, geo-tagging, and image stabilization. Blackberry 9500 is equipped with FM radio and superb audio and video player supporting popular music formats like WMA, MP3, MP4 and AAC + and many more. This handset allows you to send and receive texts messages, multimedia messages and E-mails. The fabulous offer of free gifts with blackberry 9500 allows you to avail various offers like free talk time, free texts messages and free mobile insurance. Visit online to Blackberry 9500 Deals to compare various available deals and choose the most suitable deal with many free gifts and various other incentives!

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