Bijia Mountain Tour


On June 25th, 2011, a sunny day, we held the long-awaited department collective activity — go to beautiful Bijia Mountain Park. In this park which is full of natural views, we ramble around in the woods and enjoy the natural landscape, which make me get rid of city noise and enjoy the serenity. Follow our pictures to look back our wonderful trip to Bijia Mountain.

In the front door of Bijia Mountain Park, we take a group photo.

Large tracts of lawn, we can’t help taking a photo.

At the foot of the hill, there is a brook, so clear that you can see the bottom. It’s also the best choice to enjoy relaxing your foot and leg muscles. This guy really enjoy it!

Move on to Bijun mountain peak.

Step by step, we try our best to move on.

At the apex of the mountain…lol

We looked down at the city – Shenzhen, where we work hard and struggle.

Enjoy free pediluvium

After leaving the park, we have dinner in the restaurant.

Delicious Fish

Activity end, and we were all tired, but we really enjoy it and promote friendship in the activity. Hope you all can find time to go outing with friends.

Sales Department and Customer Service Department
July 1st, 2011

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  1. as long as you are happy then Im happy for you.By the way just wanna to say I really like your story.Its very teuhcod and soft…………very “YOU” haha! >.< I could imagine those beautiful mountains are right infront of my mind ^.^ Anyway take a good care of youself!Love Little Apple(if you still remember me)@.@

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