Beach Camping With a Difference

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Even though beach camping is very much the same as ordinary camping, and you need the same gear it does take extra careful planning to have a successful camping trip to the beach


One of the first things to remember is that there will be no facilities available when camping on a beach.

This means providing everything for the trip, from toilet facility to washing of self and dinner plates, water as well.

This means taking a shovel to dig a hole, or if you’re lucky to have a portable bed of some sort this will make life easier. Please always remember to have proper means of disposal and when you opt for digging a hole, make sure to burn any paper used.

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Unlike the wonderful beach camping experience we had with semi-permanent tents – see article below, you will have to bring your own shelter or tent to sleep in with mattress of your choice. Air mattresses are compact to transport and comfortable to sleep on.

Lay down a big ground sheet before pitching the tent as this will help to keep sand out of the tent.

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Remember that ordinary tent pegs are not sufficient for keeping a tent down on thick sand, make provision for extra long tent pegs.

The blazing sun can sometimes be a bit much, make provision for extra shelter against the sun in the form of sun umbrellas or a gazebo, especially when there are children around.



Dinnertime also needs careful planning if you don’t want to end up with sand between your teeth. If possible have a folding table to work on while preparing and enjoying a meal. Folding chairs are a comfort as well, spread a tarp or old blanket or rug for extra seating off the sand.

Remember to bring sufficient drinking water about 1.5 liters per person per day.

It’s handy to have a big basket or crate to keep utensils off the sand. A cooler is also great to keep food fresh and drinks cool.

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A way of preparing an easy meal is to barbecue meat on a portable bbq or a fire made on the sand, remember to take a grill and don’t forget the fire lighter cubes and charcoal. The camping kitchen gives ideas of preparing meals on a beach camping trip.

Planning and preparing meals beforehand is a great help too.


In General

A first aid kit is essential to treat minor scratches and bruises that might occur while camping. Take enough sun screen and wear hats for additional protection.

Nights are dark on the beach, take flashlights and lamps, head led-lights are handy, simply to have your hands free. Also, a good way of keeping track of little ones playing in the dark, they just love having their own headlights.

Take enough plastic bags for garbage disposal, old shopping bags are great for this.

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