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Tired of the general faucet? Your toilet is not enough cool, or not romantic? To look at the new technology gadget: LED Faucet Lights , add color to your faucet, make it to be full of color as your wonderful world!
Install this gadget to your faucet in your home, when the water glow out, the LED light will automatically light up. Still not enough cool? It also can change colors according to the temperature of water.When water is hot it glows red, when water is warm it glows blue, when water is cold it glows green.Some also can change seven colors.

OK,now let us to learn the relevant knowledge of LED Faucet.

From the function, can be divided LED shower , LED faucet, LED top spray.
From the LED light color, can be divided blue red green color temperature, RGB color, monochrome, etc;
From the LED number, can be divided into 1pcs, 5pcs, 6pcs, or even dozens of films;

Function details:

1,It is ABS shell with nickel plating, with superior corrosion resistance, and the light would not fade, can lasting as new!
2,It relying on self-driven hydraulic power, no power supply (batteries), safety and environmental protection, service life:> 6000h.
3,The internal uses the high-brightness LED as light source body, can change your shower extraordinary, and make the water column is full of crystal clear gloss …
4,It uses the high-speed magnetic motor, can ensure drive generators to make the LED light up in the case of low water pressure.
5,The core part uses the fully enclosed and advanced structure, can ensure prolonged contact with water will not rust,also can ensure the higher the motor efficiency and stable operation.

Features of temperature control products:

1, Built high-tech microhydro installations, no batteries to drive, as long as the water flow it will be light up, turn off the water, the lights go out immediately;
2、Color can be changed according to the temperature of the water, when water temperature is below 31°C, it displays green, when the water temperature between 32°C-43°C, it displays the blue, when the water temperature between 44°C-50°C, it displays the red, so it can remind you, be careful to avoid being scalded.
3、These LED Faucets can let you understand the water temperature more intuitive, in other words, there is no need frequent adjustment of the valve. Even if the electricity was cut off, it can still lighting, Environmentally friendly and energy saving.
4、Although hydroelectric power, but no need to worry about whether they will leak, because resulting in a DC voltage is only 3.5V, and the line is separate from the water,so can be assured to use.

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