Basic Skills in Photo Taking 1: The Application of Three Flash Modes

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The function of flashing is one of the basic skills in photo taking. Making good use of flash in photo taking can make your photos look much better. Before talking about some skills about this, let us first learn something about flash.

The light of the flash will be weaker the farther it travels from the camera. Be aware of this fact when using a zoom lens, as depending on the focal length (Tele more often than Wide), people shoot the subject from a distance and in many cases the light of the flash is insufficient and the subject appears too dark.

You can find out the maximum range of the flash from the catalog or the specifications in the user manual. Look for “Effective Flash Range” under the Flash section for the maximum effective distance (measured from the tip of lens) where you can still get an appropriate brightness (correct exposure) using the flash. When shooting night scenes or indoors, any subject at a closer distance will appear too bright (overexposed) and at a farther distance will appear too dark (underexposed).

Usually, there are three flash modes for common digital camera. You can change the flash mode depending on the shooting conditions.

In [AUTO] mode, the person in the fore will appear correctly exposed but, since the light of the flash cannot get to the background, it will appear too dark. Using [Flash Synchro], a slow shutter speed is used so the background appears bright enough and the person in the fore appears correctly exposed thanks to the flash.

[Flash Exposure Compensation] is a function that allows you to correct the amount of flash set automatically by the camera just as you would adjust the exposure with Exposure Compensation. You can compensate the amount of flash from -2.0 to 2.0 stops in 0.3-stop increments. The following scene seems best to me at +0.3 stops but, just as with exposure compensation, personal preferences will vary.

But some people will always blink at the moment when the flash flashes. At this time, the LED video lights may be more useful. They can offer much natural light in photo taking.


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