Advanced Twilight Ladybug Night Light Projector Lamp


Many Children Fear the Dark

Many young children feel anxious when they are put to bed at night in a darkened room. Being afraid of the dark is a very common childhood problem and can result in your child not wanting to be left alone in a bedroom at night. It’s easy to sympathize – who can remember being small and lying in bed, seeing shapes and shadows on the walls that were simply never there in the daytime?

A night light can help to reduce such anxieties, and the Ladybug night light projector lamp is a great gift to help children get rid of the fear during the bedtime.

A Starry Night Light Helps to relax the Children

These wonderful night lights do not simply give off a glow to your child’s room – they are so much more. In fact, they recreate the effects of a starry night sky, and even offer educational value at the same time. Watching the stars as a child lays in bed is both soothing and relaxing, plus it gives them something else to focus upon besides darkened shadows and the fact that they do not want to be in bed. Perhaps they will even begin to enjoy the bedtime ritual and look forward to climbing under the covers to look up at a magical constellation.

Loveable Appearance Which Appeal to Any Child

The ladybug night light is plush soft toy with plastic shell. This children’s night light have a cute, loveable appearance and so will greatly appeal to any young child. In fact, you might find your child wants to play with his or her ladybug at other times as well – just like other teddies and soft toys.

The included illustrated Star Guide can help you to educate your child about the constellations which can be seen outside, such as the well known Big Dipper. A gorgeous, quality product, plus these included extras make for a good value purchase – you can even buy a pack of two if you have more than one child.

Magical 45 minute sleep timer option

The Ladybug night light projector lamp will project the magical affects of stars onto your child’s ceiling and walls for 45 minutes before automatically turning off. The effects can be reactivated with the push of a button, should your child still be awake. Most children, however, should have drifted off before then.

This product would make a beautiful and welcomed gift. Three color settings are available – Ruby red, sapphire blue & Emerald green. If you have a child who is anxious and won’t settle at nights, a night light like this could work wonders!



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