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Used to love to play cube, large and small home, a variety of cube buy seven or eight, most recently, by chance an opportunity to find in the toy market intelligence called kongming lock toys, just buy a 18 inserts the hook locks to Zai Zai to play. Zai Zai demolished the outside packaging, no start, how can it not break, but unfortunately, thrown to one side. I think that so few pieces that so difficult? Take up their demolition. Taking a closer look, shaking up and down, that is, could not find a place to start, motionless. I had a piece of drag, pull, pull,repeat it for a long time, and finally a small piece I gently push out (but more time was an eye-piece in the fall after the first, I did not break all at once, and a closer look at its structure, but also made a mark, and finally all apart. lock is solved, put something too difficult, even made a mark, not the line, a full toss finally put it all afternoon Well, almost immediately interested, fascinated, and went to the toy market to see some of the kongming lock to move home, have time to fiddle while.

This is my first time playing the 18 inserts the hook lock. (Toys Puzzle

kongming Lock, also known as gossip lock, is a traditional Chinese intellectual toy, according to legend invented by the Three Kingdoms period of hindsight. In recent years, they gradually get people’s attention, its relaxing, developing brain, nimble fingers are good, is the ages of recreational toys. kongming lock looks simple, but in the infinite mystery, but to no avail, it is difficult to complete mosaic. Is a leisure toy ages. In addition there is a lock on the kongming legend: craftsman Luban Lu Spring and Autumn Period in order to test whether the wise son, with six wood strips in making a detachable toys may fight, called his son apart. Son of a busy night, and finally apart. This toy is called Ban to lock future generations. In fact, this is just a legend. It originated in ancient China’s first tenon joint construction of the structure. Therefore, also known as Lo Pan kongming lock lock, do not sap, six sub-together party, Monet Ho, hard wood and other people. The three-dimensional convex fight inserted inside the toy section (ie tenon joint structure) engaged, very clever. kongming Locks more toys, shape and internal structure vary, generally easy to dismantle hard to install. Assembly requires careful observation, careful thinking, analysis of its internal structure.

kongming various types of locks, a hundred thousand of its strange. The most common of which six (the first generation, second generation, or A class, B class), and nine of the kongming lock (third generation, or C class) the most famous. Among them, six of the kongming lock and by region, the different design concept, the structure is also different. Tenon-shaped in accordance with the current lock to six divided into two categories kongming: A class and B class. Of course, the six-shaped mortise lock kongming is far beyond both the. Nine kongming locks, pick one of the number of roots, can be done, “Hop Tenon,” “Seven Stars Results,” “Octopus Rings”, “Lu Ban lock.” Nine different tongue-shaped to meet the number of structures to achieve four bite, in fact, not easy things.(Wooden Toy Puzzle)

Tenon joint structure according to the gradual civil analogy, but also locks in the standard kongming derived on the basis of a number of other difficult kongming locks, types of complex, generally the more common are listed below 13:

1, the size of the kongming Lock 2, Lock 3 seasons, kongming interlocking 4, second side lock 5, square lock (side angle Luban ball) 6, round lock (Class A and B points) 7, eighth inserts the hook lock 8, 9 ball and sisters, the six-party lock 10, the fourth Elder brother lock 11, 12, a small pineapple, three three-junction (Diablo) 13, March Eighth Results interlocking

kongming Lock A, B type is how to distinguish?

What is the B-type? B-specific mean? Many people use the term B-type, in fact not very clear its specific meaning.
B-There are three meanings:
First, Luban locked in collage, there is one (or root) for rotational movement to achieve columns put together, we put together this way is said to put together B-mode;
Second, put together in order to achieve B-mode, there must be one (or root) columns can be made into the shape of turning, we call this a B-type cylindrical column;
Third, there are B-pillar, there is a collage (or root) leaving the column for rotation put together successful, we will control this lock is called B-type Luban Luban lock.

The role of B-Split three ways:
First, when put together Luban lock structure using B-type, you can put together more difficult to reduce;
Second, put together by B-mode, which is also impossible to piece together some of the Lu Ban lock it possible to put together (such as the top grid class Luban lock);
Third, in the creative design Luban lock, put together by B-mode, the lock can simplify the structure of Lu Ban, the idea of reducing the difficulty of the designer.
Luban lock designers in the creation, use of B-pillar, B-merging method is a last resort, is no alternative choice.
Therefore, in the design of Luban lock, usually put together by A-type approach can not B-type structure is not used as much as possible. Of course, as a lover Luban lock on the B-type structure also should be aware of and familiar.

A type: A three senses, Luban locked in the merging process, all the columns will only be used with respect to the axis parallel to the movement, we call this way for A-type mosaic mosaic way. Is clear: in B-mosaic approach, but also for many columns in the parallel movement, but it is not “all” columns.(Best Educational Toys for Kids)
Second, the column only for the vertical slot cutting, digging and retention are small cubes, we call this is a columnar-A column. Clearly, in the B-Ban lock, there are many A-type column, but it is not “all.”
Third, the use of A-type mosaic put together a successful way of achieving Luban lock, we call it-A Luban lock. Note: If you have a B-pillar, but in the merging process is not turning its functions, and columns of the parallel movement achieved only put together for this lock is still called the A-type Lubanga Lubanga lock.

Staggered grid class can not put together with the B-mode. Generally speaking, the top grid class Luban lock must adopt rotating B-type B-pillar to put together a successful way to put together.

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