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Clomm Cork Watch

The unisex timepiece has an assuring weight of 110g, featuring a unique natural cork dial with minimal detailing. Key attributes include a matt black PVD coated steel case, Swiss made Ronda movement, sapphire crystal lens and Italian leather strap. A snap case back is used to emphasize the seamless styling identity. The timepiece comes with a hand crafted wooden box.


LED Wrist Watch

This Silver Alloy Circular Mirror LED Digital Wrist Watch has a stylish and exquisite appearance. Its 12-hour displaying system shows you the time, date and week accurately with those blue LED lights! Meanwhile, you could easily adjust it into standby mode or automatically mode.

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Moon Watch

The moon has been a guide and object of admiration and mysticism during thousands of years. Agriculture, fertility, tidal patterns, human behaviour and many other activities have been linked to the different moon phases.
Moonwatch has been designed to establish a relationship between the moon cycle and a person’s emotional states. It’s a new concept of time based on nature which invites people to reflect upon and gain a closer understanding of their mood and daily life on earth.

Jormungand by Dave Prince

The concept behind Jormungand is from Norse mythology. Jormungand is a serpent that is large enough to encircle the earth and hold onto his own tail. As the story goes, when Jormungand lets go of his own tail the earth will end.

The forms of Jormungand by Dave Prince are about eternity and time flowing back into itself, hence the helical disc shapes that make up the hour and minute “hands.”



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