9X vs. 20S, who is the most worthy Honor phone to buy

9X vs. 20S, who is the most worthy Honor phone to buy


In recent years, Huawei and Honor have not had any particularly outstanding mobile phones in the mid-range series. Until the latest mid-range processor Kirin 810 released by Huawei this year, they have made achievements in the mid-range market. As the representative models of Kirin 810, Honor 9X and Honor 20S are the two most outstanding and most representative mobile phones, so let’s compare these two phones today who is more worth buying!

First of all, both mobile phones are equipped with Kirin 810 processor, and its performance is a very powerful processor in the mid-range market.

In terms of screens, the Honor 9X is a 6.59-inch screen with a lifting camera. The 20S is a 6.26-inch screen with a hole screen. And the 20S screen has also been certified by the German Eye Protection. Both have their own advantages, the lifting camera screen is more complete, and the digging screen brings a thinner and lighter body thickness.

In terms of taking pictures, the 9X uses a rear 48MP + 2MP dual camera and a front 16MP. The 20S is a 48MP + 8MP + 2MP triple camera with 32MP front-facing. And the Honor 20S is also known as the best selfie phone in 19 years. On the whole, the 20S is better at taking pictures.

In terms of battery life, the 9X is a 10W + 4000mAh battery that has been spit out, and the 20S is 20W + 3750mAh. On the whole, 20S will perform better, because the charging power of 20W is more practical than 4000mAh battery, and the daily use of 3750mAh battery is not bad.

In other respects, both use side fingerprints, both use Type-C interface, neither support NFC, 9X one more headphone jack.

Finally, let’s take a look at the price. For the 6 + 128 configuration, 9X costs 1799 yuan, and 20S costs 1499 yuan. 4 + 64/6 + 64 costs 1099/1299 yuan, while 20S does not have these two configurations. In general, if you have too much memory requirements, it is recommended that you buy Honor 20S. For the memory requirements that are not too high, it is recommended to buy the 6 + 64 version, because for the Kirin 810 processor, if 4G operation is really a bit overkill, running on 6G can have a better experience, door to door!

Honor 9X and Honor 20S are one of the few outstanding mid-range phones from Honor and even Huawei in recent years, with high cost performance. But many people say that the sales of the Honor 9X has been very successful, and it is not necessary to launch the Honor 20S again. But I don’t quite agree with it. The Honor 20S has improved its camera, charging power and body thickness. In general, the Honor 9X is more suitable for the elderly, and the Honor 20S is also a mobile phone more suitable for young people.

Well, that’s it for today’s comparison. Which of these two phones do you think is better? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area. See you next time!

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