8 Tips To Maintain Your Canon Digital Cameras


Today we will talk about how to maintain canon digital camera. Sure, it is the same with other brand digital cameras. OK, let’s learn the camera care tips!

When we get a digital camera with happy, first we should to know what we can not do with it. Although now all metal airframe has become so common, many cameras work also beyond doubt, but after all it is still a “vulnerable electronics pet”, so we have to learn how to maintain our digital camera. You need to know how to maintain digital camera, so the following tips maybe useful for you:
1.  Do not forcibly shake, hit our camera, excessive shock can destroy inside machine parts, such as trained violent shake camera, can cause the CCD shift, thus is shooting pictures appear dark corner phenomenon.canon nb-81 camera battery. So for camera equipped with a thick camera bag is necessary, had better be the right size camera packets to wrapped in your love machine, so even though in extreme bumpy field can also serve as a shock absorber, protect the camera’s role.

2. Pay attention to protect LCD screen, can not force squeezing and exposed to sunlight, and mobile, handheld computers LCD screen is same, we’d better stick zhang membrane such things, prevent it produces scratches. Other markets have special LCD sunshade shade, can avoid your camera by sunlight straight bask in, of course you also can use many materials to homemade an LCD sunshade shade, anyhow play shading effect is good.

3. Protection lens, cannot touch, cannot use any thing to wipe lens, want to use appropriative to wipe lens paper. The camera lens is the most important part, as cannot replace lens consumption level digital camera, can rudely. tell you, camera is broken, everything is finished. To develop good habits, must remember the lens cap in a timely manner. Another lens can’t pointed directly at the sun, because is likely to burn the lens, if there is need friends can deserve to UV mirror (UV filters) and hood to protect your lens.??

4. should pay attention to moisture proof, cameras are very afraid of damp, often professional photographer will put their equipment on special moisture proof box, of course, general consumers are not necessarily, but still must lay emphasis on this problem and to ensure that the camera’s dry, even if your camera waterproof, such as we know, will also lens tide moldy, once moldy your camera is useless. So we can be stored in the camera bag or camera place some dry rashness agent to moistureproof. In the field of time should be placed in waterproof bag. However, never in the sunshine your camera.

5. Do not let the camera exposed to sands, modern camera sealing is very good, but there is always to FangHuiJin grey. If you ignore long words, so thick dust bound to affect the normal work of the camera, such as the shutter inside sulphuric acid will affect autofocus. In addition to avoid in the sand, can use outside for camera to prepare a sand, waterproof holster, in addition in regular cleaning, can prepare a blowing balloons to soot cleaning, the effect will be especially noticeable.

6. The camera’s power using trick. The number of the digital camera is use rechargeable batteries, and mobile phone is same, the author suggest in completely discharge situation, so can prolong recharging the battery life, also can fully arouse battery potential.  So if you can not equal to match a battery case. In the use of camera process, optical zoom and LCD panel is the most power consumption, have so 3.0-inch LCD camera can try to use 3.0-inch screen to save electricity.

7. Storage card use skill. Memory is also a kind of electronic equipment, also need waterproof, prevent heat, sand. Also note we are connected with the computer when you have to be careful of infection. If the camera is not hot swaps function, must not in use camera forcibly uproot MMC card.

8. As electronic equipment of digital cameras, cannot be in high temperature and low temperature condition of work is the one of the weakness of compared to traditional camera. So we were in cold weather using digital cameras should make its indoors first preheating once, also should avoid long work under high temperature condition.

Actually the camera is an emotional, you do  good for him, his natural outstanding performance. When you face a wonderful images, it should let the beautiful continue.


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