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$69 for DIY to build your own exclusive guitar!

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The small editors feel that electric guitar lovers have more or less the idea of ​​thinking about their DIY guitar, but the details of the DIY guitar will immediately dispel the thoughts, because there are too many things to consider and do. . . We are basically impossible to drop amateurs like our electrician and woodworking skills.

Recently, however, the DIY guitar kit sold by Tomtop has a lot of dreams for DIY fans, and the price is not expensive! At present, there are 22 kinds of suits on the website, which are about 30~160 US dollars. You can choose not only the common 6-string guitar body, but even 12 strings. There is a lot of choice.

An enthusiastic buyer, Karl Golden, recently posted a video of the guitar set on the Internet. He is the Tele of the ash body. The other configurations are: the neck of the maple, the fingerboard of the 22 pieces. Maple, a pair of single-coil pickups, a 3-position pickup switch, a single volume (Volume) and a Tone knob, die-cast chrome-plated knobs, and other metal parts are plated.

Golden is very surprised. He said that his DIY guitar bunker is great for any creative, musician who wants to make his own instrument. It can be further modified by hand polishing the shape of the head and painting. You can even add your own pickups, string buttons, and more.

The sound that comes out is not bad! However, it is regrettable that Tianchao’s purchase on this website seems to be inconvenient for payment and mailing. The small editors hope that there will be similar DIY suits in the future to benefit us to toss the party~~~

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