3pcs LED Bobo Balloons Lights for Birthday Party Decor, $8.99

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Only $8.99, 3pcs 18in LED Bobo Balloons Lights for Christmas Birthday Party Proposal Wedding Home Decorations Fillable Transparent Balloons with AirCoupon code:  T1431     Save $3 at Tomtop.com

This is an inflatable decorative balloon, the balloon is transparent. You can make it even brighter by switching on and off the colorful LED lights outside the balloon. Each balloon is equipped with a colored LED and the LED is outside the balloon. It is made of plastic will not be easily broken, very safe, in order to ensure safety, you need to inflate it, of course, is a simple operation.such Novelty Toys, Don’t miss

Includes blinking LED lights and 3 18-inch transparent balloons! It requires 2 AA batteries (supplied)
Balloons do not break easily, and high quality LED strings are multicolored. You can wrap the light on the balloon. Especially beautiful at night.
Inflatable balloon easy to float, the PVC material, keep the air leaks for days, can also be reused

Name: LED Bobo Balloons
Recommended Age:3+
Material: PVC
Size: 18in


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