1 thought on “35W Xenon HID Rechargeable Flashlight Torch 6600mAh

  1. I got this light for working ouordtos at night and power outages, which seem to happen with annoying regularity. The lights has LEDs on the tip and along one side, and you can turn on either the tip for a flashlight-like directed beam, or the side for a more ambient room-filling glow. When used in a dark room the later produces about the same amount of light as a 50 watt bulb, so it’s enough to make a room usable in the dark, but I wouldn’t want to read a book when sitting more than a few feet away.One of the things I really like are all the little extras on this light. I usually don’t go for extra features, but in this case they really make the light better. There’s a hook on the top for hanging the light, and it comes with both an AC adapter and a car charger (useful for extended power outages, camping, and more). There’s also a magnetic clip you can attach to stick the light on any metal surface. The fact that all the lights are LED also means you will never have to replace a lightbulb (woohoo). For $30 I couldn’t have asked for something better.

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