1 thought on “3.0" TFT HD Digital Camcorder / Camera / Voice Recorder

  1. I knew there was some kind of dark force working when they paid us a visit last sumemr. Transcript as follows:Tommy: Do you think we could have some cookies?RA: Oh, sorry Tommy we don’t have any of thoseLong awkward pause Tommy: I’m really hungry, I think I’d really like some chips please.RA: Sorry Tommy, we don’t have any chips right now eitherLong awkward pauseTommy: Maybe you should check the cupboard, that’s where you would find the cookiesRA: Sorry Tommy, Wendy hasn’t done her shopping yet.Longer more awkward pauseTommy: Why don’t you go talk to her and she could tell you where the cookies are.RA: No Tommy, I’m quite certain, we have no cookies.Very long, very awkward pauseTommy: Can I ask her where the cookies are?

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