2011 Swimwear new trend


Spring and summer swimwear in 2011, in addition to the traditional split neck hanging style, sexy piece of vacuum models, there are still some others–drawstring hanging paragraph bikini and strapless bikini. Then we will show them for you. 2011 Spring and summer swimwear are also demonstrating the extreme charm, but just the intensty of sexy is different.

First, Hanging on neck drawstring paragraph bikini

Drawstring hanging paragraph bikini, it is same as beach bunny bikini, there are two key words here, that is drawstring neck and hanging. It isn’t difficult to see that the rope hanging in neck directly connects two simple cup, a small little embellishment perfectly fold the simple style. Based on the Drawstring design, you can adjust the size of the cup freely. In addition to, it can easily satisfy the different breast shape of women, but also give each lady to control the sexy degree of the swimwear. Dolores Cortes, Sauvage and other brands design some Hanging on neck drawstring paragraph bikini in the spring and summer of 2011.

Dolores Cortes 2011 swimwear

Lisca 2011 swimwear

Second, Strapless bikini

Simple bikini mini model is always a soul style in the territory of swimwear. 2011 swimwear show out a lot of strapless bikini models, so provide an excellent choice for women to pursue the ultimate. Bright colors or simple cup, in the middle or directly connected with the modified bow, or connected with the materials button, or directly using the method of cut-in-one to show the fold … … all make strapless bikini sexy reflected most vividly.

Saha 2011 swimwear

Luli Fama 2011 swimwear

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