Join in the Water Battlefiled with the Water Spray Helicopter-TomTop

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Did you ever think about helping your friends to stop smoking by remoting a mini helicopter? Did you ever think a mini helicopter could spray water? Our brand new spray helicopter will surprise you! It is super fun, easy to control. Just refill the water tank, fly the helicopter, and press the water spray button. Then the helicopter will done the job, which you are unable to do, or you don’t want to let others know.

Water sprays function.
3.5 channel (forward / backward / up / down / left / right).
360 degree rotation and accurate positioning.
Hovering function.
Built-in gyroscope system.
Infrared remote control.
Light weight composite design.
LED light for flying in dark.

Water Spray Helicopter 3.5 Channel RC Infrared Control->

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