Xiaomi Mijia 2nd Generation Robot Smart Home Vacuum Cleaner

Welcome everyone to know the Xiaomi Mijia 2nd Generation Robot Smart Home Vacuum Cleaner. New mopping features, upgraded apps, more suction, and many other things we like about this robot vacuum cleaner.
The second-generation Xiaomi Mijia smart sweeping robot designed 13 sensors, including LDS, can help the robot does not touch the furniture, avoid falling and keep a distance of 10 mm from the wall, can overcome obstacles up to 2 cm, may obtain the Industry’s largest capacity lithium-ion battery – 5200 Mach.
Intelligent identification of carpets. Once the robot recognizes the carpet, it will open the maximum suction, and after leaving, the mic returns to its normal mode, the laser distance sensor maps the clean area of multiple rooms, the new mop function makes the robot very suitable for any type of surface (except for high pile carpets). It can be dragged around 45-60 minutes. With the MiJia app, you can create virtual walls, browse robots to clean up specific areas, arrange clean times several times a day, and many other cool things. The Xiaomi Mijia 2nd Generation Robot Smart Home Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with closed muted cotton and porous Gas sifter and provide a low-noise cleaning process because the new millet robot vacuum can prevent hair from winding because of the three anti-hair design on the wheel, side brush, and roller brush. The built-in plant bionic tank filter absorbs moisture and keeps the mop Sufficient moisture. When the robot stops working, the water will not drip. The design of the tank is easy to install it to the bottom of the equipment. Once the battery is low, Mijia returns to the base, recharges, and then continues to complete the job.

Xiaomi Mijia 2nd Generation Smart Home Vacuum Cleaner

The Xiaomi Mijia 2nd Generation Robot Smart Home Vacuum Cleaner with the side Z-brushes (330 rpm), the main brush with V-bristles (1350 rpm) provides maximum effective cleaning. Powerful motor, power 2000 Pa. For example, the first version of the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner has a power of 1800 Pascals, and the latest Roomba 980 has a power of 1670 Pascals. Deep cleaning of carpets is ideal for most carpeted houses. The second-generation Xiaomi home smart sweeping robot has the most powerful vacuum robot with a lasting battery, the tank can hold 100 milliliters, enough to drag 45-60 minutes. Although other more expensive robotic vacuum cleaners can provide about 120-130 minutes, the entire 150-minute working time of the millet-Miami home covers an area of about 250 square meters (2,700 square feet). When it comes to this kind of power, it is speechless. The battery lasts a long time. It has a powerful motor that can easily clean the carpet. The intelligent system works according to the main principles of the plant bionic system and controls the water body itself. The sliding mechanism is designed so that water can be dispensed wisely only when the robot moves.

Xiaomi Mijia 2nd Generation Smart Home Vacuum Cleaner

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