TYH TY-T6 RC Quadcopter Wifi FPV Drone Review

The TYH TY-T6 RC Quadcopter is a very cost-effective four-axis aircraft. Now you can first understand the intelligent flight technology brought by this drone. The TYH TY-T6 RC drone quadcopter features a foldable design, high-strength plastic materials, high-quality spray paint and a unique body art design that makes it look unique. The RC Drone is compact and easy to carry. In addition, many new technologies have been embedded, making it one of the most popular new drones on the market.

TYH TY-T6 RC Quadcopter Wifi FPV Drone Review
The TYH TY-T6 measures 310 * 310 * 85mm and weighs 131 grams. Equipped with a full range of multi-angle protection and anti-collision cover, the 2.4GHz remote control uses spread spectrum technology to further realize remote distance. The 6-axis gyroscope makes your flight more stable, allowing you to fly to new heights. Its response speed is 100 times faster than other radio controls. With the lowest power consumption and the best anti-jamming capability, you can fly multiple remote-controlled helicopters at the same time without accidents. The 3D flip function and the high-speed, low-speed free fantasy mode provide you with a cool flying experience. 18 minutes of flight time, 3.7V 1200mAh lithium battery, Wifi transmission system real-time transmission allows you to have fun and easy FPV flight. WiFi high-definition camera, the 2.0MP camera can take photos and record clear and smooth video. Even if you are a beginner, don’t worry, you can easily control it with the WIFI APP. This RC drone uses 360 version, fly-by-play and headless mode, voice control, G-sensor control, one-click return, Flying, landing, simple operation, easy to use, whether it is a good choice for new players or old players. The TY-T6 is powerful and price-friendly. Now it costs only $49.99 in the TOMTOP. You can bring this great drone home. We believe that the TYH TY-T6 will definitely bring you an excellent flying experience. It is also equipped with cool LED lights. It not only has a clear target at night, but it can clearly identify the direction. This allows RC lovers who like to fly at night to use it with confidence.
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TYH TY-T6 RC Quadcopter Wifi FPV Drone Review

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